Monday, August 1, 2011

All You Have To Do Is Let Your Feet Hit The Ground, & Worship God

Hey girls!
Yesterday was such a special day at our church, especially for those who just returned from the annual yearly mission trip with T.W.A.M.
T.W.A.M. stands for "Teens With A Mission" and at my church, the youth spends the year in T.W.A.M. doing servce projects, and fundraising to raise money to go on a mission trip each summer. I went twice to Reynosa, Mexico. Now, they go to Costa Rica!
I have always LOVED the fact that my mother was a leader for T.W.A.M. and shes been 7 times, shes gone with my siblings and I on every trip!
My mother and sister just got back from Costa Rica last weekend, and this past Sunday was T.W.A.M. Sunday at church. We watched a slideshow of all of their amazing pictures from the trip, and heard all about what they did.
Mother was asked to speak about the trip, and what it meant to her. Her speech left a lot of people smiling, and tearing up because she did such a beautiful job!
She thinks shes a bad public speaker, but she spoke better than our preacher (and im not partial because we're related!) She got up in front of the church and talked about so many things! She then began to tear up, which of course made me tear up as she said one thing that will forever stay on my heart!
She said that each day, all she had to do was wake up, and serve God. That was her only responsibility for that day. If everyday we could all put aside the worries, and chaos life throws at us, and remember that we are put on this earth to simply "wake up and serve God" life would be much easier!
This changed my whole perspective on life, because its so true. This life isnt about me, or material things, or how much I WANT. It is simply about getting to Heaven knowing that I have served God by helping others, treating others the way I want to be treated, andputting others first!
Mother and I were having porch time last night, and she asked me to tell her what she said, she was so nervous she didnt remember everything. That right there shows me that God used her to say what we all needed to hear.
The funniest part of her speech was when she told everyone how they had accidently knocked over the family's outhouse, so they had to rebuild their bathroom. She said "really that was an act of God, because the outhouse was horrible!"
I so miss going on those trips, and cannot wait to go again one day!
Have a fabulous Monday!