Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABC Family Film: Teen Spirit

Hey girls!

I am so sorry i've been slack lately! I have been in Wilmington filming with the ABC Family Film, "Teen Spirit"! This weekend I get to go to the "Prom" for 4 days, and I am just loving every minute of this!

My teachers are fabulous people who are working with me to make this happen, I have had the best time! I filmed all last weekend, and will be filming all this weekend as a member of "The Posse"

I havent heard the name "The Posse" since 6th grade, or in High School when referring to the Hispanic Gangs...real cute!

I prefer "The Click!"

I want to post and tell you all about this unbelievable experience, and I will just as soon as we wrap! I'll upload all the pictures!

Have a wonderful weekend!