Saturday, August 11, 2007

My 5 Preppy Favorites of the Week!!

These are my 5 preppy favorites of the week! I hope you enjoy them too!

1.) Vineyard Vines Whale Hat!!!!! -$10
I got this hat a little over a year ago! It is my personal favorite (& cheapest) Vineyard Vines purchase! I love wearing it whenever appropriate!

2.) Lilly Pulitzer Halter Tops -$75
Saks 5th Avenue
Lilly Halters are too cute! I have 3 and I really dont think I will ever own enough of these! They look amazing with anything make sure you get yours before Labor Day!

3.) Vineyard Vines Croakies- $10
Anybody can wear croakies, but its the brand that matters...okay maybe not but Vineyard Vines croakies are just something I cant live without!

4.) Monogrammed Car Sticker! (in pink obviously!)-$19
Many stores that carry Lilly also carry these stickers, not only do they look cute, but they come in different colors. My mom and sister recently went to the beach and ordered me a set in pink...I absolutely love it!!

5.) Monogrammed Car Mats!!!!!! $125
DUH! These are so necessary, I have a navy blue Volvo S80, and I am ordering some navy mats with pink and white polka dot ribbon, and my initials in PINK! Yes, people have told me thats to far...but they are just plain WRONG!

...I have 1 extra thing that is so obvious in my list of preppy things
6.) PEARLS!!!
A true Southern Belle doesnt go anywhere without her pearls!

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Belle-ah said...

Cute list...and I have the monogrammed car sticker on order!