Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls trip to Florida!!

Hey girls!

Every year, usually for birthdays, my mother, sister, 2 aunts, and I take a trip to NYC to SHOP SHOP SHOP! We are going this year in May for my BIG 20!! This past weekend though, we decided to pack up and head to St. Augustine, Florida. My brother and my cousin were determined that they were going to surf, which they did (even though it was 53 degrees and raining!) As far as us girls, no way, we shopped the whole time and we found some great stores. I went to a JCrew Outlet and found the cutest black and white dress, with a yellow tweed jacket. Also at Brooks Brothers, I got a pair of pink and white seersucker pajamas for 20$!! I have wanted them for about a year now but I could never find them in my size! I was so excited! They have them on the website, and they have some great stuff for guys too (I will take advantage of that for valentines day!!) Also, my roomate and suitemates are so fun, and they always have the cutest clothes (usually JCrew!!) We all share clothes haha, but my roomate just got the Zebra print skirt and I am soo jelous, it is probably the cutest thing ive EVER seen!!
I know thats a picture of white pjs from Brooks Brothers, but you get the idea!! Go buy a pair, they are so comfortable!!

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