Sunday, February 24, 2008

Retinol Gone Wrong!

Hey girls!

OMG! This story is such a Katie moment, so wild, but here we go. So as you all know, I had skin cancer when i was 17 and so i'm really careful about my skin.
I went to the doctor about a month ago and she gave me retinol, which is really for cosmetic reasons for some women, but for me it helps to get rid of sun damage (and those freckles I hate!!) anyways, I've been using it for like a week, then ill take a month off, then use it for a week...and so on. It really makes skin peel, so im trying to be careful!
Last week, I used it and oh my gosh, I looked like Freddy Kruger for a day or 2, and then after I finished peeling I felt brand new! I was fresh as paper! It worked...if you didnt get that!
Not only did it just work on my face, it took the freaking paint off of my cell phone!
I guess I could take that as I am on my phone to much, or maybe ill just say they use weak paint haha... but that is my story for the day.

Back to studying for a french midterm I have tomorrow...YAY!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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