Monday, April 14, 2008

Im Having A Love Affair...

with Youtube!

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! It was cold here today!! I am hoping the sun comes out again soon...I found this great new type of Jergens self tanner, so even if the sun doesnt come out, I still plan on getting a barbie like tan!

Umm, these videos are hailarious! Scarlet Takes A Tumble is a personal favorite!


Okay, heres a very important question! For my house next year my walls are a color called "In The Pink" (like the store!), so should I do a Kelly Green with it, or a white? I am also thinking of painting my monogram on the wall...yeah I know 5 year olds do this...but I think it will be cute, and I can always go over it!

Have a great night!


Always Organizing said...

I vote for the kelly green! I think the monogram is super cute. You could always buy a large canvas at the craft store and paint your monogram on that. Then, you could move it around when you want to... Just my 2 cents. Have fun!

Red and White Preppy said...

Ohhhh, Bon Qui Qui. Girl, I will CUT YOU! That had me laughing several months it! My friend Jack always sends me funny links, so I'd seen some of those.

I'd go with the kelly green...and I like the monogram as well! :)

caitlin said...

I hate to go against the grain, but there is something to be said about pink and white. Then kelly green could be the accent color for things like pillows, picture frames, and of course the monogram.

I'm sure whatever you choose will be gorgeous... now I'm in the mood to decorate!

Preppy Money Penny said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment...I went to Meredith too! I graduated in '04. Take it all in, because you will definitely miss it when you graduate!

lml said...

I think white would look nice...with a green monogram! Have you ever been to They have really neat wall art & monograms.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love either or both. Why not a white duvet with a green border (or some sort of combo deal)? White sheets and green/pink/white pillows. Or green linens with white furniture? Be sure to let us see what you end up doing. I also think the monogram sounds adorable!