Monday, June 23, 2008

Sick, or something?

Hey girls!

I hope y'all all had a great weekend!

Here is my problem!

For over 2 weeks I have felt so awful! When I was a kid, I always went to the doctor for everything...but now I don't really complain about being sick as much. This time I have felt awful for over 2 weeks and I have no clue what to do.
I am assuming it is low blood sugar, but only because I WebMD'd my symptoms!
Anyways, so I finally broke down and told my parents how sick I feel, and I am supposedly getting blood work done next week. Yes, I am a proud patient at the Peditricians office! So, really to have blood taken, i've only had my finger pricked...NEVER my veins! HAHA, I feel like Ross Gellar from friends, atleast im 21 not 32! Ill switch by then ;)

It all started 2 weeks ago when I woke up and had a MASSIVE bruise on my knee! I didn't hit it on anything, but I just thought maybe I had a fun night and ran into something!
It never went away and then I got 3 more bruises on my legs and weird! Im also rdizzy, tired, & have headaches from hell! I have more cold chills then I have ever had, my nose bleeds unexpectidly, my glands are swollen one day and not the next, I run out of breath so easily, and I am just sharing wayy to much anyways it is getting out of hand, so when I went to get my finger pricked to see if everything was normal, this doctor told me that everything looked normal accept my white blood cell count was normal/low, but low for a girl of my age and size.
So anyways I have no idea, maybe I have some kind of virus.

So sorry for the vent session, I am sitting at the news station and I got my third aggressive cold chill (look like im having a seizure!) in like 30 seconds so I decided to post so I wouldnt scream haha...have any of y'all ever had symptoms like this?

On a lighter note...let me just tell you about my exciting day!
So this morning I started my Playground Counselor job with Parks and Rec! It is so much fun!
I had to go downtown and sign papers to prove im a legal citizen...seriously! I have blonde hair and blue eyes I mean I guess I could have been from Denmark or something, so I accidently forgot my 2 forms of id the sweet lady that was helping me just let me go and said to fax them later! On my way out, I was in the elevator with this guy, and he asked what im doing for the summer. I told him about my news internship, and HE OFFERS ME A JOB!! I know it sounds sketch, but hes a friend of a friend actually, so it worked great!
He wants me to help film footage for a local channel in my excited!
It will keep me busy but it will give me more to put on my resume!!
Anyways, so when I got to the park, a good friend of mine and I were just talking (I hadnt seen him in 2 years and we get to work together all summer!) and then before we knew it it was 11:00 and there was not one kid at camp!
Okay seriously, its a play a sketchy place, with free lunch WHERE ARE THE KIDS!? Lord, and the people driving the free lunch van were so dissapointed! The park we work at isnt exactly top notch, but I am really looking foward to having some great kids come out!
If no kids come then we get to work at the summer camp at the park and take these adorable kids on fieldtrips and stuff so I am really excited! Its a win win!
Today the only action we got at the park were 3 *rabid* bulldogs on the loose...SKETCH!
I just kept reading my People Magazine and my friend read the paper...who knows what the rest of the week holds?!

After the park, I went home and got ready for my internship! I wore a Lilly dress, pearl necklace, gold bracelet, and thin strapped rainbows ( I know...not the most work savvy shoes, but so comfortable!) to the station today! I was so excited, I absolutely love that part of the job!

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are ok, keep us updated!!

Nora said...

it sounds a little bit like lyme disease. I had it a few summers ago,same symptoms,
but once you are on medication is goes away quickly.

suburban prep said...

I hope that you are felling better soon.

suburban prep said...
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Meghan said...

A lot of the symptoms sound like low iron-anemia. I've had it since high school. I bruise really easily, get the chills, am always tired, etc. You might want to have your blood tested for that. If they do have you start taking an iron suplement, make sure you take the slow release kind. Otherwise it will be like a shock to your system and could make you sick to your stomach. Good luck, I hope that your feeling better soon!

MMM said...

I found out recently I have a sensitivity to wheat products/gluton. A lot of your symptoms sound like an allergy. I had all of the same symptoms. Hope you figure it out soon and feel better!

Lori said...

It's so hard to know sometimes whats going on with us because some of the same symptoms happen for different reasons. Maybe you should get a second and/or third opinion just to be safe.
Well you sure looked cute anyway with your outfit selection! :) I hope that everything is ok and that you feel healthy soon!

PINK POPPY said...

Besides all the sickly stuff....what a fun day!...cute Lilly outfit & what fun being offered a job out of the blue!!!! :)Perhaps the bulk of the kids that will be in the park...are on vacation this week...and will be coming out in droves next week!!!! :)Hope that your properly diagonosed & feeling better soon!
Take Care!

Always Organizing said...

I don't know what it could be, but I hope you figure it out soon and feel better!

magnoliabelle said...

Oh, I hope you got some answers yesterday. I'm praying for you, babe!