Sunday, July 13, 2008

Murder in Salisbury

Hey girls!!

I'm sorry I havent posted in a while! I hope you have all been doing great!

I have been busy!!

This past Friday was my favorite day of my internship all summer! I got to go in at 8:15am in Salisbury, and go to the jail! It really shouldnt be exciting, but it is. It was WBTV, Channel 9, and our local newspaper and we were all anxiously awaiting for what was about to happen! The dentist that got murdered, stuff keeps coming out about him left and right, and its ugly! BUT, this past Friday we got within a few steps of Candice Jo Drye, Jonathan Barnett, and Chris Boyd! They had to be walked across the street to the magistrates office for stuff, and we got to follow them with mics and cameras the whole way trying to get them to say something! 2 of them spoke, and one of them actually fell in the middle of the road while he was trying to walk! Poor thing!
I will say, that even though they committed a murder, I think they all just need some help. I dont feel bad for the boys at all, but I do have sympathy for Candice, she was sobbing when she came out and I dont think that she killed him at all, I think it was the boys. She did do other things that are really bad, and I dont think anyone should get murdered, but I still have sympathy for her and im not sure why.
Then after we saw them we went to a press conference at the police station, those are interesting because alot of times they cant answer any questions that we have! There is this gorgeous detective! He is soo good looking! I have seen him at the last 3 press conferences and this time he called David, the guy I work with and asked for my number! It was such a great day!

Anyways, so that was really cool to be in action with 3 potential murderers. Jail is so gross! Everyone was smoking, and yelling I was ready to get out of there!

This morning, I went to the walk in clinic at my Peditrician because I STILL feel awful! I made a list of all of my symptoms that I have now had for a month and a week, I know this because I have a drs appt in a week. I have been going every 2 weeks! I just have felt awful for the last few days though so I thought why not try the walk in clinic...that question is now answered and I will never try it again!
I get in there about 1:15 and there are kids everywhere!! There were some adorable kids there, but then there were kids who wouldnt quit screaming and playing tag in the waiting room. Their parents were just screaming at them and their names were hallarious, one of the kids was named "Carmello" and he was a boy, it sounds like that candy bar! The other kid was named Kiwonne the 3rd! They should have ended that name after the 1st! Anyways so im sitting there and Carmello comes up and sits next to me, I didnt realize he was hiding from his mom. So his mom comes up, and she was a big girl! She is screaming and then grabs him....okay I was ready to get the hell out of there! All of the rest of the waiting room was quiet the whole time because we were just listening to her. HAHA at one point she prayed...out loud...for patience! It was a rough day for them!

Have a great Sunday!


suburban prep said...

I hope that you find an answer to your healht issues soon.

Anonymous said...

I passed an award on to you in one of my posts!

collegegirl said...

I was just reading a few of your earlier entries and I'm sure that you were silently sharing that prayer for Carmello's mother. Situations like that really help me push back when I want to have children.