Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally Back on Track!

Hey girls!

I am finally back to blogging! It has been a good but eventful few weeks.

I don't really know where to start, so much has happened but nothing really major or funny. I have decided to go to Wallace this weekend with my friends and get my hair done next weekend. I cant decide whether to go see a band with my one roomate, or go to a birthday party with the other one! I will have to decide by 5. Both things sound so fun, and I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings!

This past week my brother made it to the soccer play offs, (I was one more proud sister!) my roommate and I surprised him and drove 5 hours from Raleigh to Shelby with self made pink and green tee-shirts to cheer him on with my mom and sister and all of the other fans! My dad was traveling thank the Lord, I really prefer him gone when i'm home. We got to the field about 7:00 Wednesday and got up around 6am Thursday to head back to Raleigh, it was worth every minute to get to spend time with my sweet family, and cheer Sambo on. Surprisingly, we didn't get lost on the way at all, although we did have a few close calls on the road! As you all know my driving record isnt spectacular or anything, but this time it was absolutely not my fault! This mini-van came up an exit ramp the wrong way! I was rapping away to "Here I Am"-great song!, anyways so this land whale is coming up the exit ramp like there is no tomorrow and I have to just pull to the side, I am screaming at her...but obviously she cannot hear me! I have a little bit of road rage in me! HAHA, and my roommate lays on my horn...I really prefer not to use my horn often because it can be so rude! This time, it was necessary! It was such a fun mini- road trip. We have decided we are driving to LA and back before we graduate, all 4 of us! I personally love road trips and riding in the car!

Last night, we all went to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet in Raleigh, I had the best time! They only had XL tee shirts, but that didn't stop me! I bought one, and am desperately trying to shrink it in the washer machine! When we got there, we had this great BBQ, and I of course had a G&T in my monogrammed tumbler! So much fun! They had a beach music band too, which is always great!

OH heres some juicy news! So I am still interning at the news station, and loving every minute! I finally have a tape in progress, but the guy that I work with definitely hit on me! UNAPPRECIATED!
He kept reading over my shoulder when I was texting my friends during a boring event we attended, and he kept asking who I was texting, if I had a boyfriend, who the boy was with me in the picture (I have a picture of me and my best friend as my back drop because HELLO we are in lilly!) and if I told my friends about him...eww! Oh, I should mention he is married with kids! Out of line, I think so! I faked a phone call and left, came home and told the girls ALL about it!
I decided to ignore it, unless it happens again but everything was normal yesterday at work. Everyone is friendly, but I just think that was a little far. I could be overreacting though, who knows!

I was so excited to hear that as a Whale Rep I got a $250.00 gift card from VV for Christmas!! I decided to order two of the Fairwinds Fleece's in Reef Blue and Kelly Green. SO adorable! I asked my mom and sister if they wanted one because I truly felt bad spending it on myself, but my mom said I should spend it on myself, so I did. Oops, I still feel a bit guilty about that one, but I got a cute hat too that I can share with whoever, it is a gorgeous green!

I am also getting a promotional package soon, so if I get stickers I will surely give some out on here!

I bought the cutest black Pencil Skirt from Ann Taylor with these hot pink flats with bows! Yes, they are very loud, but they were just me...and they were calling my name in the line to check out, so I bought them!

There are great sales going on right now, and I just cannot wait until after Christmas! OMG! I almost forgot to tell you girls what I want for Christmas! Besides UGG's and clothes, there is one thing that I am just dying for! You are all going to think I am absolutely crazy but thats okay! So I won't lie I have been milking the melanoma card all week with my mom to get her to consider this purchase for Christmas! I (for fun of course) was looking on e-bay at actual spray tan booths...they are a couple thousand dollars so until I get famous and make multi millions a year it really is probably not a practical purchase! SO I found this other really cool tan machine, and it goes in your shower, doesnt stain ANYTHING, and sprays your whole body in 20 seconds! All you ever have to buy are the refils, and clean it with water...yes that is it! It retails for $400.00 but in my opinion, it was featured on the Today Show so it must be worth every penny!!
Alot of the comments in the feedback were from women who had skin cancer and got sick of paying to go to the booths. Personally, I get sick of it too, its so embarassing to be so pale and go to a tanning salon where people look like they just got off of a plane from Hawaii and then pay $30 every time I want to be tan for 7 days, why not buy the machine...see I am very convincing! If only I could sway my parents!

Well girls, thats all I have for now! But I am back, and I will post again soon!!

I hope you have all had a great week!


With Love from New Orleans said...

Very cute skirt-- I say go for the shower tanning system if the parents are willing! I love neutrogena micromist tanning spray--it is clear and doesn't stain-- plus I have never looked orange which is my biggest fear with fake tanners. My girlfriends and I swear by it!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

You are just too cute! Your posts always make me smile, and maybe it's because you have such great taste! Those shoes are not loud, they are adorable!! AND -- how do you become a whale rep? Love the fleece from VV. I really need to look into safer tanning as well.

Kate said...

I think I need to become a VV rep. I am jealous! I want one of those fleece jackets.

Those pink shoes are adorable!

Yuck about the married guy hitting on you! How pathetic!