Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh, What Fun!

Hey girls!

Tonight, actually all of today was just wonderful!

I had class from 9:30 to 1:40. Then I came home and got ready to go intern! I didn't know what it would hold today because there wasn't a lot going on.

I got to go out with the photographer I usually go with, and we started by...hahaha! Going to see a sign put up by PETA over a bridge on the highway that said "Thanksgiving is Murder on Turkeys!!"...bitch please! I take pride in helping eat a 22 pound turkey every year! They are suggesting "Tofu Turkey", and also say "Lets make the holidays a celebration of life, and not about a murdered tortured bird on your table this year!!"...again, bitch please! I have, and always will eat a turkey! This was all on the press release, which I just wanted to frame for a good laugh. I do agree with PETA in the stance that animal cruelty is wrong, but I just don't know, I love my Thanksgiving turkey!

When we got there, there were 2 cop cars, and we asked where the sign was, and they said they were not allowing PETA to put it up! I leaned out of the live truck and said, please tell me you are a Turkey fan?! He said, girl I eat a 22 pounder every year!

Thanksgiving is wonderful, and turkey is so good, maybe tofu turkey next year...

Anyways so after that we went to Kenley, NC to meet a reporter there to attend a funeral for a victim of a tornado earlier that week. It was the absolute sweetest, saddest, and also shortest funeral I have ever attended!
On the way, we had to stop for gas, so unfortunately, we stopped at "Big Bills Home Away From Home Truck Stop"...YAY!
I really had to buy a phone car charger because my phone died and so while the photographer was getting gas, I tra-la-la-la-la'd my way into the truck stop in my black dress and pink scarf! Im not scared! Well, then a nice man in camo that looked an awful lot like Daniel Boone held the door for me and said "here ya go pretty lady". I just smiled and said thanks, I had little to no other options because, I was in Hickville USA and I didn't have my diva defense...I just wanted to get my phone charger and get the hell outta there!
I ended up buying my charger, and standing in line for 10 minutes just looking around at all that Big Bills had to offer.
When we got to Kenley, it was such a small town, I just love small towns! I want to research and pick a really small one to live in after I graduate so I can start fresh! Also, its much easier to be well known in a small town, I will gladly take on the role of "town celebrity"...really its no hassle at all!
Anyways, so when we went into the funeral home, I noticed that the reporter from ABC 11 had my yellow JCrew coat, so right after we entered the church, I looked at her and said "I know this isn't the time or place, but I have that coat, and I too am a fan of JCrew!" She looked and me and smiled and we talked about how great the coat fit us, until a lady in front of me gave me a glare! I cant blame her though...whoops! It truly was a beautiful funeral, and when the family walked in I started to tear up because the poor husband got badly injured in the tornado as well! Afterwards, they happily gave us interviews, and they were very sweet.

Once I saw the reporter that we met up with when we got there, I looked up at Jesus and said "Thank you!"
What made me really like him was the fact that during the prayer most reporters were texting, but he was praying...and really concentrating! It was so sweet! I love guys that pray because I love to pray!
Ever since I saw him pray, I knew I liked him. We spent a good 3 hours talking/working together, and I really hope I get to work with him again! He is a good southern boy from SC and has the BEST reminds me of James Marsdens in "The Notebook"!
I got home around 1am and talked to my roommate who also had a hot date tonight! I love girl talk! Especially at 1am!

I hope you have a great Friday!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I will be eating turkey ass well!!

Belle said...

I completely understand what teh vegetarians are all about, but this is the ONE day a year that its completely accepatable to eat them! I mean really! I also just wanted to say that I say "bitch please" constantly! Ha