Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Eventful Weekend!

Hey girls!

I am so excited about how many people read my last post. Im really sorry I havent responded, I never know whether to respond of y'alls blogs or on my own post?? What do y'all do when you have a response??

Anyways, today was a big day! My little sister was confirmed in our church this morning! She looked just beautiful, and did a great job!

Let me just tell you about this past weekend.

My friend had her 20th birthday party, and it was too much fun haha...we all have those "nights". We took a birthday shot and then had a few drinks together, and then I was DONE! We all came back to school to go to bed around 1:00 and I was not in top shape the next morning. I had to wake up at 8 am with the hangover from hell and go to my hair appointment 2 hours away in Salisbury!
I was just praying that I wouldnt get sick the whole time!! After my hair appt, which went very well, I got at least an inch cut off, I went home and took a power nap! Of course, I felt horrible about the whole thing because I couldnt help my mother do anything at all!
Luckily, Saturday passed, and Sunday, both sides of my family and a lot of family friends came and went to church to watch Sarah get confirmed!
After the beautiful service, it was back to our house for lunch...SO MUCH FUN!!!
I finally got to pull out a Lilly Pulitzer dress with a white polo cardigan!!
At lunch, my mom made so much food, I always love when everyone gets together there is nothing better!!

Later that day, Mom, Sarah, and I went to Walgreens to get some things, and there was a nasty man in need of a shower, detox, and a haircut standing outside yelling "Hey Goldilocks!" as we were rude!
I swear, do the antics ever stop?!?! JUST CONFIRMED HERE!
People are seriously disturbed! Ugh!

After the madness calmed down, we took a nice long golf cart ride and saw a bunch of our cute neighbors, its always so good to be home! I cannot wait for Easter...does anyone have any big plans?

I hope everyone had a fabulous Palm Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Wanted to say thanks again for the last post - I printed it out and had my friend put it up in the girls' dormitory at the prep school where my husband works. Hopefully it will help make them more aware of the fact that not everyone is nice and that as a woman/girl they always need to be aware of their surroundings.

preppypearlgirl said...

Oh wow, thanks so much, thats good to hear and it makes me feel good that those cute girls will know how dangerous it can be...people are insane!