Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3 new dresses


Last post of the day!
I forgot to post the new dresses I found and bought for summer! SO excited!

This one is from The Pink Palm I LOVE it! My mother and my sister think it looks like a Grandma! If it does, thats too bad, because I had to have it! The website is great, they have the best Lilly stuff and they are SO quick to ship!

This is from Ann Taylor Loft. I wanted a white dress for summertime and this one is absolutely perfect!

I found this Lilly at Saks 5th in Charlotte and LOVE it! It is great for anything from a dinner party, to a frat party!

Have a great Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you *so* couldn't look like a Grandma! Could. Not. Possibly. Look. Like. A. Grandma. Nev-uh, ev-uh, happen. BTW, they are darling! Grins & giggles! :-)

SnappyCasualGifts said...

I don't think the first dress is grandma. It is very cute. Throw in some fun accessories.

Kate said...

I absolutely love the white dress and am heading over to that site right now!

Meghan said...

umm absolutely love your blog! That dress is totally chic and I'm sure will look so cute for the summer!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Love LOVE LOVE the dresses- esp the Lilly dresses. Totally cute and not grandma at all.

lml said...

I don't think the first dress is 'grandma'- just belt it with some grosgrain ribbon if it's too big! I love all of those dresses.

Europafox said...

The first dress is great! It's quite 'boho' preppy, if that makes sense! By the way, good on you for writing an etiquette book, I have a load, some are re-prints from the turn of the century and are hilarious, will have to post some samples on my blog!

Emily said...

Love those! So cute! And I also hate when they have no size zeros...it's the price of being petite I suppose.

PS I'm glad you're not going private!