Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hey girls!

Oh my gosh! I just had the most AMAZING job interview! Let me start by saying, I found it on the Meredith website, and those are always credible! So anyways, I called about a week ago and sent all of my stuff in. They said they would be in touch, and low and behold I went in today!

Well unknown to me until they sent me the address, the building is in downtown Durham, but I keep an open mind at all times, so despite what everyone told me, I was like screw the safety issue, i'm going!

The job is with a radio station as a board operator, and my advisor pretty much told me that two internships would get me nowhere in news, so I better get my ass in gear and get a part time job asap! Needless to say, hes a fun guy...

When I was driving into Durham, I was looking around for the building I had to go to, imagining it was going to be in the center of downtown. OH NO, it was in the middle of this less than attractive neighborhood down a hill in a very small building with cute little radio towers all around it! The only sign to guide me was really small, and at first I missed my turn, but then I FOUND IT!

See most people would hate this, but I absolutely loved it! I love working in small environments, and so I took a deep breath, finished my diet Sun Drop and went in for the interview!

When I got inside, it was a very diverse staff, which was so cool! There is a Hispanic radio station, along with a gospel station (the one I plan to work at!) The gospel station has different shows each morning, and great Gospel music! I interviewed with 3 different people, and they were all so so sweet! The manager was a bit intimidating, but eventually she let her guard down! I told her I had attended an African American Church 2 years ago for Chorus and fell in love with it, because they really are the absolute best churches! That struck a smile, and she was finally warming up!

The environment is different then that of any place that i have ever worked, and thats what I love so much about it, everyone is so happy and excited all the time! The Sports guy used to work for a bunch of stations I have helped with and we know tons of the same people! I have my fingers crossed and absolutely pray that I get this job! I called my mother on the way out of Durham to tell her the good news, I left her a voice mail and I know at first she wont be thrilled that i am working in Downtown Durham, but if she could just see this place! I cannot wait! Apparently, if I work there I get to go on air, and do promotions, also attend "prayer time" on Thursdays on air, hey whatever it takes! It sounds great, and I do love a station with good Christian values! I hope they play the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

I will definitely keep you posted!

Also, I bought some new Lilly Stationary from Tickled Pink and Ebay

I am so excited, I have been waiting for months when I heard runor that Lilly was even going to make stationary!

Here are some pictures of what I ordered:

Have a great Thursday!


Seaside Prep said...

Congrats on the fantastic interview!! My arms, legs, fingers and toes are officially crossed for you! Keep us posted! :)

Preppy 101 said...

Congrats!!! I feel your mom's pain ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow - that sounds great!! You may think your teacher is being harsh - but he is doing the right thing - the job world is cut throat if you can get proper job experience now you'll be in such a better position when you graduate. Keep us all updated on how it all goes! Cut stationary by the way! We dont have any gospel radion over here btw, so it sounds fascinating! Hallelujah! ;)

Kate said...

I am sure you will get the job. It sounds like it was made for you!

I am LOVING the taboo print in the Lilly stationary/gifts!