Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names!

Hey girls!

Last night was another fun night in New York City for this girl!
Yesterday morning, I got up to go to work, and I just looked awful! I have been trying to recover from the Hamptons because I got sunburned horribly while there on the beach! My back is just as red as a strawberry, and my face is disgusting! Every time I get burned on my face, it looks like it gained 10 pounds...real pretty!
When I got to work, I was inches away from tears because I was just in so much pain! It felt like I was being stabbed all day long no matter which way I moved! I got my work done early, so I took off around 2, and plan to make up my hours later this week!
I pretty much just covered myself in Aloe and took pain killers waiting for the night to approach so I could hopefully feel up to going out with everyone!
Luckily, the pain medicine semi-worked and once J, K, and K got off of work, the the night started! We were all having cocktails in my room and having girl talk when J comes in tipsy because an unexpected visit caused her to have to leave the office, and boss informed her that she couldnt come back in until phone calls were over because dogs would bark. Boss sent her to a cute little wine bar downstairs, and she was there for 2 hours. Hence, lots of good wine!
When she got to my room she was a bit tipsy, and it was too funny! K was with her and we just got out the Lilly cups and started mixing cute cocktails! We had all of our drinks left over from the Hamptons because we did not drink on the beach! It was way to hot, and unnecessary! On the way to the lobby to leave, J kept poking me, and so not thinking I nudged her, a little too hard nad she fell down on stairs, she was okay, it was a priceless moment! I kicked someones ass, by accident! The funny thing is she could easily kick mine! I was on guard most of the night!
Well anyways, we left here around 8 with everyone, and took a cab to Van Deimens! The cab ride was hailarious as we were all already tipsy! We were waving at everyone hysterically, and they waved back! The cab driver and my friend had a conversation the whole way there about how one becomes a cab driver! Once we got to the bar, I found out M wasnt going to be able to make it, and selflishly I really wanted to see him so I was a little upset. I texted him one too many times, and of course probably ruined everything, but its whatever, life goes on. Whatever is meant to be will be. Later that night, the bar tender was giving us free drinks, because our crew usually occupies the bar on Tuesdays for Karoke!

While we were at the bar, J kept thinking a bunch of us were pushing the table on her, and she threw salt and pepper shakers, and a candle at K and I. OUCH! It was so funny, she kept saying "im done with you, stop pushing the table, im really done with you!" Then, I managed to find myself singing karaoke last night. K and I sung "You Are Not Alone". Go figure. It was a duet and apparently it was painful. I took voice lessons for 2 semesters, and practice day and night for karoke only to have the mics pulled from our hands toward the end of it because the Karaoke boss in charge confused Tuesday's at Van Diemens for American Idol finals. She made sure to make an announcement after our disaster performance saying that only people who are serious need to sing, oh, and no screaming. Chill out lady.
Also...I was serious, I thought we were great! It cut me deep when that bitch pulled the mic right out of my hand!
Then, I took a cab home much later and only had my card, which of course his card machine was broken and since I was alone I really didnt want to have to walk to a pharmacy and do ATM so late. Also it was just a $2.00 cab, so I quickly made up this story about how these guys kept trying to talk to me about doing a duet of "Don't Stop Believin'" with them, and I had to get out of there fast because I didnt feel safe! I managed to somehow express that his cab was "my safe place" away from sketchy serious singers, so he gave me a free ride! wrong, sure feel free to judge, it was the 3rd screwdriver talking, but oh my gosh it was hailarious! It was such a good night!!



Headbands and Hand Bags said...

So glad you felt better for a night in the City! I agree, I love New York!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Hope you feel better!

Princess Freckles said...

Ha great story! I hope your burn feels better soon!