Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Embarassing Moment #...I've Stopped Counting!

Hey girls!

The other night when I was home, my brother and I were sitting on the porch listening to music on his new Mac Book!
& YEAH, I am SOOO jealous!
Our school fortunatly/unfortunatly gives us a laptop, but at his school, they are required to buy one. He wanted a Mac and so thats what he ended up getting! It came with a free iTouch too, hmm I kind of want one! Oh well, atleast I can admire it from afar!

We were sitting on the porch, and Sam says,
"Lets see what our top played song on iTunes is"

Of course, his was something really good, I think it was 2am by Slightly Stoopid.
Next, it was my turn, and mine was...
KENNY G: Forever In Love!

WTH! So funny! Sadly, so true! I love me some Kenny G!

I didnt realize I was a 60 year old living in a 21 year olds body...go me!
Oh well, I do love Kenny G, but I swear I thought he was gonna fall out of his chair when he heard me say that! Even I had to laugh...hard!

Have a great Wednesday!

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