Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hey girls!

So lately, I have gotten hooked on the show, Bewitched! I have watched it on Nick at Nite since I was a child, but lately I have absolutely fallen in love with all of the characters wardrobes, and attitudes! I love the way they all talk, and how simple that time period was!

All of the hair bows that Samantha Stevens wears have inspired me to pull my bows and ribbons back out! I have been afraid to wear them, because nobody else really does, but I love a good ribbon!

Also, the trench coats, with the beautiful buttons, and bright colors are goreous!

I think one reason that I am most excited is because, I feel as though some of my wardrobe already resembles the clothes worn in this show!
I think that clothing brands such as Lilly Pulitzer, J.McLaughlin, CK Bradley, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Boden, ect...have done a fabulous job at bringing back the 50's and 60'style!

These clothes show sophistication, class, and personality!
I think some of my wardrobe is very similar to "Samantha Stevens" character! Although, hers is much cuter, I have a few peices that resemble hers.
It makes me so excited, because I love dressing up!

Good clothes make me feel confident!
Its nice to know that the style is coming back, or maybe it just never went away!
Also, there was one sand colored trench coat that I saw with oversized tan buttons! My jaw was absolutely beautiful!
These clothes that the characters wear are exactly how I love/want to dress!
I cant believe I havent picked up on this until now, but I was flipping channels, and caught an episode, now I love when it comes on so I can get fashion tips! haha!
The clothes remind me so much of Lilly Pulitzer, especially vintage Lilly!
Every character is so proper. and well spoken. They never curse, (well, atleast while the cameras were rolling haha!) and it seems like a very conservative time period. I do wish I could have experienced it, todays society just isnt as safe, or conservative as it seemed to be back then!
Lastly, I just have to say that Dick Sergent, the second Darrin Stevens, is the most handsome man!
Now, I know, i know, its just a show, but I can remember my mother, and grandmother telling me stories from when they were growing up, and it was such a simple time back in the 50's and 60's. I just love hearing about what all they did, and how much fun they had! The hair back then was beautiful too!
I only wish times were more like that now!
After living in New York this past summer, I learned that each day is a new day to make an impression, and make your mark in this big world! You never know who you will meet.
Here are some pictures of my favorite outfits from "Bewitched!"

Also, there are so many people I admire when it comes to style, and etiquette.

Another person I absolutely love Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis!

My mother told me of a time that she was in New York City, and saw Jackie O walking down the opposite side of the street. My mother said she had on big sunglasses (her trademark, of course). I am sure she had on a classic outfit! I just love looking back at her outfits, and also that she was a classmate of Lilly Pulitzer!

Samantha Stevens in Bewitched, and Jackie O are both my fashion icons for right now!

I am a huge fan of both leading lady's hairstyles, too!
I wish I could get my hair to do what theirs did!
Here are a few of Jackie O's outfits that I absolutely love!

Also, I have been doing some Christmas Shopping, and my sweet mother has been ordering some of my Christmas presents!
I am so excited to add a few peices to my wardrobe. I have a book that I read a little over a year ago called "The One Hundred". It gives remarkable tips on what should be in everyones closet! I am reading it again!

I ordered a Pink Trench Coat from Banana Republic yesterday, it has 4 tan buttons down the center, and is about knee length!

These coats are my favorite, and Banana Republic ALWAYS has them! I love paring them with a Little Black Dress, and a cute pair of flats.
Have a great Thursday!

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Emily said...

I absolutely love Bewitched (Embarrassing...but I actually own all 8 seasons on DVD and watch them all the time)! I love the clothes, the characters, and how everyone is always dressed up for every occasion. Oh, and I love that Samantha always wears gloves...I so wish women still did that!