Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Port Southern, Y'all!

Y’all, I have just got to tell you about a new brand! I am absolutely thrilled about this, and trust me, you will be too, just as soon as you see the website! Port Southern is the brand brother to Vineyard Vines, Tucker Blair, and Southern Proper. Port Southern is the trend of the season, and many seasons to come.

My good friend Jeremy is one of the owners, along with 3 other fine southern gentleman! He has always been the type that will accomplish whatever he sets his mind too, and Lord, he has done it again! Port Southern is going places, not just because of the upstanding quality of the product, but also because of the customer service received, and most importantly, the time and thought that has been instilled into this brand! Check it out!

I will go ahead and tell y’all, I am getting all of the men in my family croakies, and polos! Join in, and do the same! WOO HOO! You gotta love great clothing put on by the South!

Port Southern began September 1, 2008 when three friends came together with an instinctual idea and a dream. Steven Beck, Nicholas Ruden, and Zachary Moore, all from High Point, NC, kept three important ideals in mind while creating Port Southern:

1. Pride for the South and their hometown
2. A desire to better their community
3.The hope of creating an elite clothing line of high-quality men's essentials

The three Southern gentlemen developed Port Southern directly from these ideals and stand by their mission to design fine clothing and spread the Southern hospitality their home is known for.

While the company is still new, the focus is to create the highest quality polo-style shirt on the finer men's clothing market. Try the Southern Hospitality Polo today, and look for more items to join the line soon.Port Southern is made up of 4 incredible Southern Gentlemen!
Steven Beck- President and Director of Logistics
Zach Moore- Director of Finance
Nick Ruden- Director of Marketing
Jeremy Hiatt-Director of Accounting

The logo for Port Southern is none other than a Pineapple!

Why, you ask? Well…here is your answer! The pineapple is thought to have originated in the inland areas of Brazil and Paraguay. From there, it was widely transplanted and cultivated.

Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple when he stopped in a cove off the coast of Guadalupe, and he introduced the sweet treat to the rest of his homeland.

Pineapples were found to have a yellow pulp that exploded natural sweetness, which made the fruit an item of celebrity and curiosity for royal dining. In colonial America, the pineapple was placed as the visual keystone at the dining table. Its presence expressed the ultimate level of welcome, hospitality and good cheer.

Needless to say, the South is known for its incredible hospitality, and Port Southern wants to spread Southern hospitality to people everywhere through the pineapple logo!

Another excellent aspect of this incredible brand is,“The Pineapple Fund"
If that isn’t just the cutest name for a fund you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is!
Who wouldn’t want to give to that cause?! It’s absolutely wonderful!

Port Southern is partnered with the High Point Community Foundation to spread Southern hospitality to others in need. The Pineapple Fund allows us to give back to a community that has given us so much.

Here’s the best part, y’all!

You're a part of this important equation too.
Every time you make a purchase, a portion of your payment is added to the Pineapple Fund. You get high quality clothing and play a huge part in spreading the hospitality and care for others. Its not only the right thing to do, but of course its the Southern thing to do, as well!

If you are interested in finding out more about the Pineapple Fund and the High Point Community Foundation, go to

Let me know what y’all think! I was really pleased with the quality and service demonstrated!

Please visit & for more information on this outstanding brand!

Thank you guys, you make the South proud!

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