Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life Is Just One Fun Adventure!

Hey girls!
SO, here is some great news!
SO, I already knew that this summer I wanted to live in Wilmington, and intern with a news station down there.
I have been trying to intern down there for 2 years, but last summer I went to NYC instead, and it was too big of a commute during the school year when I got offered the position.
However, this summer, I got an internship with WWAY, and happily said YES!
Well, that was all planned, as was me taking some classes at UNCW.
Anyways, I went down to spend a weekend with my friends, and see my cousins that go to school/work there about 2 weeks ago!
It was so much fun, as always!
I have always loved Wrightsville Beach, ever since I was a kid, & every time I go, I love it more!
I decided about a year ago that it was where I could see myself moving once I graduate.
What I didn't know was that the job market is so tight down there, and jobs are nearly impossible to get!
That's why I am dying to do an internship, and get my foot in the door!
SO, its a long story, but I decided just yesterday, after meeting with UNCW, and CFCC, that I am...
It really is the best option for me, and will pay off in the long run, because it will take less time!
I know, it sounds crazy, and probably is a little crazy, but in looking at the time it will take me to finish at MC, and comparing it to the time it will take me in Wilmington, the outcome is obvious!
It will take me less time to obtain the same degree from an equally great school if I go to UNCW in the Fall.
Also, I can keep networking, and working to get a job there.
Lastly, I will absolutely love being around a lot of my friends/family!
As much as I love MC, I really do not want to spend another semester here! All of my friends are graduating, and I dont care too much for Raleigh. I would be so bored!
I already have my Onyx, which is all any MC girl really needs, and am so excited to have made so many wonderful friends, and great memories! They will obviously last a lifetime!
So many classes have been cut, and I would end up spending another year and a half here...not ok, because I am ready to be out of school!
I am so ready to be out in the real world, and have a JOB doing what I love every day!
No matter where I go, my friends will always be close by, and Wilmington is just the perfect spot because i'll be living with a good friend of mine, see my cousins more, and some of my friends from MC are moving down! I am going to LOVE it!
Anyways, so this past Tuesday, I took the day off and drove to Wilmington! I met with WWAY, UNCW, and CFCC! Dont get me wrong, this is a huge leap of faith, but after a lot of prayer, and opportunities that I have found in Wilmington, I see that it will be a perfect fit for me! I am going to take classes at CFCC for the summer, and luckily they will take all of my MC credits! After that, I am transferring into UNCW for the fall to finish up!
While finishing school, I will be interning with WWAY hopefully all the way through the fall, a spot that I would love to be working with one day! I also acquired an internship with The Fishermans Post! I have also applied for a few others, so thankfully I have options!
Raleigh is a wonderful place, but its just not for me!
I cant wait to spend more time with my cousins, family, and friends who are down that way!
I feel as though the internship opportunities in Raleigh have all been done, and there is not much more I can do here. Wilmingtons station looks to be a great opportunity, with other interns that seems so much fun!
I promised I would try to stay in Raleigh, but after reaching out and finding this new opportunity, I just cant pass it up!
Its basically the same track school wise, just a little less time! I have always said I dont care where I graduate as long as I have a 4 year degree, and I can get out as fast as possible to start working in news.
That is my number one priority right now!
Everyone really is excited about this, and says its a perfect plan!
Also, 2 of my cousins are doing the same thing, so I feel confident!
I am ready to see what else this world has to offer me, and get out there and take every opportunity possible!
What do y'all think?
Be honest!
Have a great Thursday!


H. Royar said...

Congrats on getting an internship!



mFw said...

That is great you got the internship! Also, good for you for doing what your heart tells you, and what is best for you. I may transfer schools (for many reasons) and a couple people have given me grief but whatever. Can't wait to read more about what's going on!

CitySouthernBelle said...

I think it sounds like you are really happy and that's what counts ;) I wish you the best with your move and new internship!

Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like a great opp!