Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I was tagged through an e-mail to do this! I really should be studying, but I just can't anymore! I'm brain ill do this instead!

1. Where is your cell phone?
Beside me...all day ery day!
2. Your hair?
FINALLY getting long, and as always, blonde!
Ever since 2nd grade ( tom boy years) when I had the gosh awful "Dorthy Hammel Bob", aka "social suicide hair"... I have wanted long hair! Now, its finally growing past my shoulders, and I am so excited!
3. Your mother?
Absolutely beautiful, strong, graceful, and of course, my hero! LOVE her!
4. Your father?
5. Your favorite food?
OK...get ready for this mouthfull!
I LOVE Spinach, Pineapple, Tomato, Broccoli, & Bacon Pizza!
Just try it once, and I promise, your jaw WONT drop with shock next time you hear that!
6. Your dream last night?

I dreamed I was paddling in a canoe, and it sunk...terrible!
7. Your favorite drink?
Love Love Love a Sweetini, Fiyafly, or of course a White Russian!
8. Your dream/goal?

To do as much good as I can with the time that God gives me. If I can make people happy, and everyday I wake up, try to be a better person than I was when I went to sleep, my dreams will keep coming true!
OK, so my realistic dreams are...
-I would love to join the Junior League upon graduation, and keep volunteering with Make-A-Wish, while working as a reporter/anchor in News. My goal is to become a News Anchor.
OK, here is my DREAM dream, not gonna happen, but its fun to dream about!
-I would LOVE to become a motivational speaker...or a print model for J.Crew!
In all seriousness...
I doubt i'll ever ACTUALLY become a motivational speaker, but we all have our crazy dreams!However, if my life allows, I would love to take like a 3 month long mission trip! The people you meet are amazing, and my faith always gets stronger!
Stuff like that is what life is all about!
So fun!
9. What room are you in?
The living room at the Raleigh house!
10. Your hobby?
News, Make-A-Wish, tennis, shagging to beach music, laughing until I can't breathe, and being with my family and friends as much as possible!
11. Your fear?

Cancer, bugs, and Hilary Clinton...that bitch needs a stylist!
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

On the news, and living in a fun spot.
13. Where were you last night?
Sleeping by 10:30, I have 3 midterms this week...ugh!
14. Something that you aren’t?
15. Muffins?

My personal favorite are the Cunningham Muffins!
16. Wish list item?

A black BMW X5 to drive me to my pink & green beach house at Wrightville Beach!
...oh and front row Earth, Wind, & Fire tickets! not sayin', im just sayin'
17. Where did you grow up?

A small, southern town in North Carolina, where Food Lion and Cheerwine were founded! Its still my favorite place to be!
18. Last thing you did?

Went with K to Goodberry's...she's sewing and im studying. Ice Cream DOES give you energy, right?! At least, that's what I tell myself! ;)
19. What are you wearing?

Green shorts, with a Pink Polo Oxford, and my Tucker Blair flip flops with a yellow needlepoint headband embroidered with pink crabs.
20. Your TV?

Always on...
21. Your pets?
Ralph-Golden Retriever
Billie Chauncey(long story)- Chow Chow (soon to be purchased!)
Cinnamon-Chow Chow (soon to be purchased!)
22. Friends?

Angels! I just love them!
23. Your life?

...could probably be a book!
24. Your mood?

Happy, but stressed!
25. Missing someone?

26. Vehicle?

I drive a Navy Blue Volvo S80 with a pink whale sticker, and pink monogram sticker!
SO close to getting the S40, but father felt the need to go bigger since I did crash my poor jeep. Slowly but surely I have fallen in love with my car!
27. Something you’re not wearing?
28. Your favorite store?

1020 Madison Avenue
29. Your favorite color?! I love them both!
30. When was the last time you laughed?

When am I not laughing...probably 2 seconds ago!
31. Last time you cried?

Last week...ugh, so worried about the end of this semester and all it will bring!
32. Your best friend?

Person I tell any and everything to! I'm so blessed to have the friends I have!
33. One place that I go to over and over?

Meredith College...not sure how I feel about that right now!
34. One person who emails me regularly?

My agent
35. Favorite place to eat?

42nd Street Oyster Bar

I will tag anyone who hasn't done this survey!

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Jennifer said...

Love this blog and love that you're an NC girl, too!!