Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hey girls!

OMG! It has been snowing here all night long! I am ecstatic!!! I think as of right now, we have close to 5 inches, but the sleet is still coming down pretty hard (or maybe its just the wind blowing what has already fallen!)
Either way, this is awesome!

Part of me wishes everyone was in Raleigh, but hopefully some will still be on the ground when we all get back next week!

I cant wait to build a snowman!

First, I really want to go for a long walk! I absolutely love walking in the snow, its so much fun, and a bit more of a workout! Then, I might just have to hibernate and watch movies all day! Luckily, I brought home some good ones! Im going to watch "The Women"-My new favorite movie, "Vacancy", "Georgia Rule", "and of course as many seasons of FRIENDS & The Office as I can fit into one day!

It is the weekend, right? Relaxing is great!

I have a strong feeling that I wont be going to class on Monday, but hope we don't miss too much, because I really don't want it to cut into my spring break.

Last night, I woke up at like 3am, and expected the snow to have stopped, but NO it was still coming down so hard! I thought I was dreaming, but clearly, I WASN'T! We really haven't had snow like this in a while. I wonder how much we will end up getting over all!?

I do have to say, its nice to have to relax, i'm really not one to just sit still, but the snow is so beautiful, you almost cant help but feel like your in Winter Wonderland, and reality just doesn't exist. At night, or at least last night, the whole neighborhood was so lit up, it was like Christmas!

My mother and I went to the grocery store to stock up, but oh wait a minute, half of my hometown already did that! Let me just tell y'all, there was NO MEAT, NO BREAD, 4 cases of water, and NO FRUIT left! People were laughing, and panicking...but really, it was crazy that the store was THAT cleared out! Its funny that just a few inches of snow can make people crazy! My prayer is that we don't lose power, but if we do, oh well! I will just have to keep playing in the snow!

My sister is at The Homestead this weekend, so of course shes already been in the snow, but she called this morning to see how much we got here! Its so much fun! The roads aren't even cleared yet! I'm shocked, but its really funny to see some of the neighborhood kids making snow angels in the middle of the street, that really never happens!

I hope if you got snow today, that you enjoy it! If not, its still a Saturday, so enjoy that!

I will post pictures later!

Have a fun day!

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Suburban Princess said...

Have a great time in the snow! I am shocked your grocery store is cleaned out! It must be a small store!