Monday, February 8, 2010

A. Tierney SAMPLE SALE!!!

Hey girls!

It’s that time of year again. As you may know, once a year A. Tierney holds an incredible blowout sample sale! They need to move the old inventory out to bring in the new so the prices are insane.
They've actually already changed some prices on the website although the sale doesn’t officially start till Tuesday.
For example, our Geometric Travel Collection Toiletry bag was $38, now it’s $15. The matching jewelry tote is now $5, was $24. There are not a lot of those so they expect to sell out quickly.

And for the first time ever A. Terney is selling ribbon! I am so excited about this!!
Not all ribbon will be available online but they will put up as much as they can for you to view!
Remember the Mediterranean belts? All 4 of those ribbons will be available by the roll for $20, the cost was more than double that price.
In person you’ll find velvets, taffetas, satins, solid grosgrains and stripes grosgrains all for low low low prices.

So, please visit or pay a visit to the A.Tierney office on Manhattan ’s Upper East Side!
It’s an event not to be missed.
Thanks so much!

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Emily said...

Bought some fabulous things at the sample sale online last night! So exciting...I can't wait to get them!