Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Books!

Hey girls!
I have been dying for some new reads, as I have finished up True Prep, and a few others! My good friend T and I exchanged etiquette books for Christmas this year, and it was the best idea! The books I got were wonderful, and I gave him one of the fabulous Brooks Brothers books, "A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up", as well as "True Prep"!

Today, I have just ordered my long awaited copy of "Tipsy In Madras", and "Going To Work"!

Going To Work was hard to come by, but since it is by one of my favorite authors, Lisa Birnbach, and I am going to be a work-a-holic, I thought why not!?

Tipsy In Madras just looks fun, and T recommended it!

I also went to the bookstore yesterday, and bought the most beautiful little book entitled "Stuff Every Woman Should Know" I dont really want to read it, but the cover is just too pretty to pass up!

My next buy will probably be the Brooks Brothers book entitled, "Classic Wisdom For The Good Life". It is filled with fabulous quotes! I love a good quote, so I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!
Do y'all have any suggestions? I am always looking for more to add to the collection, im going to need a bigger book case soon!
Have a great Thursday!