Monday, February 28, 2011


Hey girls!

Forget college, ill learn alllll about investing with my new educational learning tool; Lillyopoly!

Okay, so I doubt anybody will wanna play with me on family game night, but frankly I dont care! I'll play by myself!

Lillyopoly is perfect for a Lilly Fan or the perfectly preppie person who has always dreamed of a pink & green version of the classic board game Monolopy!

Lillyopoly has the cutest look! It comes with pink and green "boutiques" (hotels) and "juice stands" (houses). The playing peices are mini versions of the "shift dress", palm trees, monkeys, ect!
AND my favorite part, is that the police are "FASHION POLICE"!
SO EXCITED about this!
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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