Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey girls!

How was everyone's Easter?
Mine was, as always, hilarious!

I kept thinking Saturday was Easter, because Mother's family was coming so of course I just got wayyy mixed up!

I was a little worried when I woke up a 6am, you know, just because, and thought the Easter Bunny had forgotten my Citizens Jeans!
...oh no!

Saturday, Mother's family all came to our house, which was so much fun! They are more reserved then Fathers family, so its always nice on holidays because its the best of both worlds!

Everyone brought something for lunch, and it was so good!

*I have this theory that it doesn't matter what I eat during the months of December to May, because HELLO, if anyone (including the doctor) asks...
"I'm carrying a little holiday weight."

After lunch, thankfully we took a fun walk through the park by our house and talked about my sisters upcoming prom! For prom they take pictures in the same park, its such an exciting event! Anyways, while we were walking, we saw some people setting up for a wedding! How wonderful! we walked by, they approached us (my 80 year old grandmother was with us) and asked us if we would mind "grabbing a couple of chairs"

My sister beat me to it when she claimed that "it would be so rude not to sit with Grandmother" bahaha!

Leisurely walk > crushing my big toe with a whale of a chair.
No bueno

After the walk, we all ate dessert!
I practically ate a whole pie, sorry i'm not sorry! It was fabulous!

It was so good to see everyone, I feel like I dont see my entire family enough! Easter was so nice this year, absolutely loved it!

Easter Sunday is my favorite Sunday of the year! Everyone looks so fabulous in their Easter attire! Props to all of the handsome Southern Gentleman wearing their bow ties, I fell in love 4 times while I was sitting in the balcony on Sunday!
(If Mother asks, one of those times was with the Sermon, but really I saw 4 gorgeous boys in their Easter themed bows!)

So, we went to Church, LOVED it! I loved the Sermon, and the Easter Lilly's looks absolutely beautiful.

Also, I got to see so many of my close friends from High School who I only get the chance to see on holidays, so its always special! My mother and sister stayed and chatted until 12:15, which normally is when most people wrap it up and get to Sunday lunch!

OOPS! I stayed and talked until 12:45!
(maybe I need that gold Michael Kors watch so i'll be able to see the time! ;)

After church, we headed to the lake house to spend Easter with the family, and OMG it was absolutely beautiful outside!

I love hiding, and hunting for're never too old.

I have a 2 year old cousin, L, and then two more little ones who are children of cousins that I LOVE seeing! They are all growing up so fast!

After lunch, all of the girls were doing dishes, and I was asked not to help, because I may have broken a plate...or 5. They thought the better job for me would be to hide the eggs.

I'm not gonna pretend I wasnt hurt, I mean really?!

Anyways, so I was hiding the eggs when I looked behind me to find my cousin T, and my sister S rehiding all of them!


That's right, they thought I was making it too easy.
Umm, i'm sorry, I didn't realize we were hiding eggs for baby prodigies!

Lawd, I just made myself a drink and took a boat ride, cant go wrong with that! :)

All 3 of the kids who really can barely walk and talk all lined up on the front steps to hunt for eggs, and of course the 1 GOLDEN EGG with the hard cash.

There used to be a $20 in that egg, but
Its like my Nana said (as she pulled up in her new car)
"the recession really affected the Easter Egg hunt this year"


Of all things, its affected the Easter Egg Hunt! God forbid!

My Nana might be the funniest lady EVER!
I freaking LOVE being with her! She says the funniest things!

After the egg hunt, we had family game time!

This year we played Scattergories. Normally, its Rummikub, but we needed a change!

I get a little competitive
...meaning I never lose I don't care what it takes!
Sorry im not sorry for the insults, and emotional (sometimes physical) scarring happening to my opponents...
Everyone's given fair warning before we start...
My team name is always "The Cougars"!

After family game time, which haha, didn't last long, we all took a boat ride around the lake and it was absolutely beautiful! It makes me want Summer to begin, because seriously there is nothing like being around family! They love you no matter what, so its always fun!

I hope all of you had a great Easter, too!

Have a great Monday!


Renata said...

Sounds like the perfect Easter Weekend! The boat ride around the lake must have been amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your experience - and I agree - nothing can replace family and good friends!!! Happy Easter!!!

I'd Rather Be Holding a Mint Julep said...

Thank you for making me laugh! I needed to smile today! Sounds like you had a fabulous Easter :)

Ashley Borysewich said...

sounds like a fun easter, and i completely understand about the "holiday weight" lol

Love your blog, following you now! Be sure to check out the giveaway on my blog!

Caitlin C. said...

Your grandmother sounds hilarious!! I'm glad you had a good Easter, I definitely know what you mean about being around your family.. it's the best! I miss mine when I'm away at school :)

Mlynne1985 said...

HAHAHA you crack me up woman!! :) -Melissa Harward ;)