Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Teen Spirit

Hey girls!

If y'all wanna play a fun little game called "Where's Katie?!" tune into ABC Family on August 7th @ 8pm/7c to watch the premier of the movie, "Teen Spirit".

Teen Spirit stars "Pretty Little Liars" star, Lindsay Shaw and "Make It Or Break It" star Cassie Scerbo.

Teen Spirit was so much fun to film, and I was cast as a member of "the Posse"! Again, I haven't heard "posse" since referring to the Mexican Gangs at my crazy high school, so I refer to our "group" as "the click!"

LOVED IT! That was my first "movie" which led to "Pirhana 3DD! :)

Check out more at this link;

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


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Kate said...

Watching it now and I just spotted you!