Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Non-Valentine Valentines Day!

Last night, for Valentines Day, my friends and I went to our local neighborhood bar because we heard a really good band was playing! We go a lot, and it reminds me of the bar in How I Met Your Mother...always the same people, and it's a good spot! Plus we can walk, so that's a perk!

We got to the bar, and I could already hear the band upstairs playing Lynard Skynard. As I was about to head that way, I saw somebody coming down the stairs with what looked like an Appletini! 

S'cuse me, I want one! :)

I got so excited, was this new?! Was it a Valentines Day special?! 

I didn't know my bar was that festive! 

Anyways, about 5 minutes, and crowds of people later...we finally made it upstairs. That's when I saw an unusually perky man blocking the entrance, taking the cover for what I assumed was for the band. Still though, this guy looked like he INVENTED Valentines Day- he was decked out. Hmm...I should have caught on...but I didn't.

I've never seen anyone so happy and bright eyed say "$5 for the event!”

We all just assumed the "event" was the band, paid, and went in! 

Oh wait, it gets so much better...

In about 10 minutes, I had gotten my martini, and was front and center with K, B, & M listening to the band. FINALLY! SO excited!

Suddenly, after M T & B walked away for a few, this older man came up and yelled “Have you done one of these before?” 
I assumed he was talking about my Appletini with a hint of grenadine (I know YUM, right?!) and said “No, this is the first time, but so far I’m really pleased with it!” 

About that time, M & K (two of my guy friends walked up) and the older man goes “Well, I guess it works out better for some of us than others”. 

At that point, I was so confused...why would an Appletini work out for some better than others!? WHAT WAS GOING ON?!??!!?

About that time, M goes “We HAVE GOT to get off the second floor, and get back downstairs!

Confused, and frankly a little mad, I said "I want to hear this band and drink my appletini, so NO, i'm not moving!"

That's when he said- "this is a stir event for, we gotta get out of here!"

...I beg your pardon, say whaaaaa???

I didn’t walk, I RAN downstairs, and I took my martini with me! 

We just crashed a event on Valentines Day! Like, what world does this even happen in?!

When we got back downstairs, I still had my martini, I could still hear the band, and we saw some of my neighbors! All in all, it was the best Non-Valentine Valentine’s Day! 


mFw said...

Love that you're back blogging and this is hysterical! So something that would happen to me! Glad you had a fun day!!!

Levon Alexander said...