Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kate the WASP

First of all- I have to say that i've been following Kate the WASP for almost 2 years on Twitter (@KatetheWASP)

Her tweets are not only hilarious, but basically remind me of my own life.

Also, I was reading her article on the take on the whole #LillyforTarget scandal (that y'all KNOW i'm passionate about) and I had to share it.

I too was picked on in middle school. I pretty much hated life for 3 years, but now as I look back, I see that you don't want to shine in middle school. Just wait, your time will come. :) I now have a job I love, and more self confidence because of the tough stuff. I love talking to middle schoolers through my job now, and encouraging them. It was cool to see a comedian do the same thing- and get personal on why a brand means so much to her.

Her article was amazing- so here it is for all of you.

ALSO- just because I love me some Kate the WASP, check out her list of webisodes! 

In short, Kate the WASP is totally my Spirit Animal.

She's hilarious, she loves Ann Romney, and she says what she thinks. #loveit!

Kate, you are freakin' fabulous! XO!

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