Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey girls!

Okay seriously, im gonna just vent it, and put this story out there! This was the scariest thing thats ever, ever happened to me! I really hope none of you ever have this happen, dont be stupid and you won't! I am lucky to be around...I hope this makes everyone realize how dangerous it really is out in the world. I didn't realize this until something happened to me. All of this stuff with poor Eve Carson and other girls has really scared me, and today something happened that really has left me astonished!

We will start from the beginning...

Today, I had my internship interview in Charlotte. It went great, the reporters are all so handsome and beautiful I just want to be one!! They are all like mini celebrities to me! It was an interesting interview, and I was a little shy at first because it was my first time in a News Room, and I know this is what I am suppossed to do with my life!

After the interview, I left Charlotte and was on my way home. I was probably half way when this white "Red Cross" van pulled up in the other lane beside my car. I didnt take much notice until the man inside began to wave at me!
I cannot STAND when people do this because I think it is very rude, unless I know you and then its totally fine, ill smile and wave back!!

After he waved for a few seconds, I politely passed him and kept going. Then, a few seconds later, he showed up on my passenger side and was motioning to my tire mouthing out of his open window "flat tire, to the rim, so flat!"

I was like whatever and kept going because I just got new tires and my Volvo supposedly will notify me if my tire is ever flat and it wasn't saying anything.

So a few seconds after I passed him for the 3rd time, he comes back and this time on my drivers side like at first, and continues to mouth out of his window "follow me to a gas station, your tire is going to blow!"

At this point, okay, I wasnt sure what was going to happen. Maybe I did have a flat tire, maybe I didnt but why would anybody be so persistent! I knew why, I know about abductions, ect, but at the time I was paranoid, and going 80 so I knew if it did blow I was screwed!

I started thinking about it, and said a few prayers!

I thought, okay, this van clearly states legitimatly "American Red Cross", and when I think of that, I think Elizabeth Dole, and then I think good people. Then, I thought okay well I cant clearly see this mans face, but hes on the clock if hes in the van, so maybe I really do have a flat tire!

I eventually nodded my head to accept his request to follow him to the gas station. Immediatly after I nodded, he switched into the fast lane and gunned it down the highway. I thought it seemed fishy, because I had a flat a month ago and the person who helped me stayed very slow in the slow lane...but you know, niaeve me still thinking "American Red Cross = Good Deeds"

I wasn't thinking so I followed him on the trek to the "gas station" because I thought, you know, if we are at a gas station there will be a lot of people, and I could stay in my car and call for help.

Eventually, we pull off on this secluded exit, Webb Road if anyone knows where that is!

Once we pulled off, I had my window down, and my doors unlocked because I wasnt thinking about it. He pulled off to the side of the road on the rubble, and I pull behind him, because I thought he was going to look for a gas station! I had never taken the Webb Road exit before, but I now know there is nothing there but an abandoned Flee Market. The rubble we stopped on was just, ugh! On my passenger side was a huge drop off, in front of me was his van, and behind me was a drop I was screwed before I even realized it!

Low and behold, a few seconds later, I am about to just pull off, but he gets out of the car...

When I saw him at first glance, my jaw dropped and I immediatly started praying!

He got out and had evil written all over him! He was peirced in his eye brows, ears, and nose. Like one of those nasty bull rings, shoulda pulled it and made a get away...
He also had on cut off cargo shorts with paint on them, and a wife beater with a shaved head and tatoos!
His face had also been beaten and he had scars everywhere!

I immediately put my car in drive and was about to drive off when he ran over and got in the way of the car, so I literally had no way of leaving unless I wanted to run him over, but I didnt have probable cause, because he hadnt done anything yet.

I shivered, and then reluctantly asked (because I already knew the answer)
"Where is the gas station, sir?"
and he quickly smirked at me and said,
"There is no gas station here".
I said
"What!?, well are we going to find one, I need to get home"
He said
"No no what I need you to do is get out of your car and come look at your tire, look how flat it is!" I said
"No, sir. I am going to stay in my car, you told me to pull off for a gas station, can you please just go over there and tell me how flat it is? Is it to the rim?"
(I was trying to get him to move out of the way so I could leave!)
He said without missing a beat,
"Yes, its all the way down to the rim, come see for yourself...NOW!"
I said
"Really, because I just got new tires and I don't think mine are flat, ill believe you, if you could please go to my trunk and get the spare out!"
He says, getting more and more angry!
"Well maybe its just low, just get out of the car, and come see it."

He then walked over to my window, because shit, I realized I had yet to roll it all the way up!

He walked over to the window, reached in and grabbed my arm!
Immediatly, I pulled away and said
"What the hell are you doing?!"

I also noticed a cell phone in his left hand. I realized mine was dead at that time, and I thought okay if this guy has yet to pull a weapon, maybe he wont, I've got to get that phone because it is my only chance to let SOMEONE know where I am...if he shoots me he shoots me, but I have to try!

All the while, he was smiling and eventually said
"Look, if you open your FU&(^*) door I can press a button and fix your tire!"
(I know I am a blonde, but im not that stupid!) so I said,

"I know your luxury van might have that feature, but my Volvo doesnt just have a button like that, sorry! I am not opening this door!


"I am going to make a call"

I knew if I didn't make a move, he was going to do something to me, and if I made a move and he did something I would know I tried.

He started screaming

"Who the hell are you calling, bitch?"
"Give me my damn phone"

HELL if I was!

He was NOT getting that phone back until someone could have the number, and I could give my location!

When I began to dial, I was looking at him, and he was pacing back and fourth breathing heavily...
THEN, it happened...

He stuck his head in my window and asked,
"Who are you calling?!"

I said,
"My mother."

When she picked up, she asked,
"Whose number are you calling from, where are you?"

Unfortunately, he was beside me with his head in my window breathing in my ear, like it was a warning if I said one word he would take me far far away!

I couldn't tell her the truth, so instead in a very unconvincing voice, I said,
"Mom, there is a nice Hispanic man who pulled me off of an exit saying I have a flat tire, he is not a bad guy, he let me use his phone and everything...ill be right here waiting for you!

She said
"Okay sweetie, are you sure your okay? If not say yes, twice and ill know your not okay. Either way, tell him I called Highway Patrol and see what happens. I'm coming to where you are, dont go anywhere. I love you!"

Since this happened over a month ago similar situation, but legit person helping me, and because of the way I approached things on the phone, she did not fully understand the goings on at the time.

I said,
"I'll tell him, and YES (once) im fine, dont worry, really its all good! I'll do my best to stay right here, on Webb Road! Please Hurry! I love you!"

Knowing that she was a good 20 minutes away, I knew I had to come up with something fast! Thankfully God made me quick with words, so I had a story within 2.5 seconds!
I knew I was in trouble, because 20 minutes was endless time for a situation like this.

I thought fast and I said,
"Sir, I called my mom and she just called the Highway Patrol, so they are on their way to help fix my car, they want to talk to you and ask you your name and number if that's okay! You can stick around if you want to"

He said,
"Look bitch, get out of the car now and get me your f&*^%*& tire from the trunk...dont make me ask twice!"

I said,
"I just told you, I am not getting out of my car, the police will be here soon, and technically your a hero for getting me off the road with this apparent flat tire!

Right as I was saying all of this I "threw" his phone out my window in hopes that he would have to run and get it.

Apparently, I didnt throw it far enough, he kept one hand on my door, and the other he reached down on the gravel to get his phone. He kept staring at me the whole time with his black like eyes, like a Lion trying to capture its prey...scaryyy!

He then said,
"Tell the police I would love to stay, but if they are coming to help you, im late for work, I don't have much time, i'm leaving."


After he left, I took a few deep breaths, slapped myself to see if I was dreaming, and then just started to bawl! Quickly though, I reminded myself, suck it up and face it! Crying never solves anything.
Immediatly, I started to look around and I saw these 3 construction workers to the right, just down the road!
I stopped and 2 of them graciously came up and asked if I was okay, I looked like something was bad wrong. I told them what had happened and asked them to please tell me if my tire was flat.

After checking each tire, they said
"Ma'am, your tires are not flat...AT ALL! I think someone was trying to get you."

I then thanked them, and drove up the road a ways where I knew I would see my mother pull off her exit. She still didnt know anything was wrong!

When I saw her car, I almost started to cry again, but knew it wasnt going to solve anything, so I proceeded to flag her down. I was so happy, she got there in 10 minutes and she was FLYING! I knew she had no way of knowing it was a bad situation because I told her I was going to a gas station and a nice Red Cross man had tried to help was better this way though because it was all over and she couldn't panic!

She got out of the car,
and asked already a tad shaken up because shes not stupid and she knew something wasnt right,
"Honey, where is the nice man that you said was helping you, which tire is it?"
Immediatly by the look on my face, she knew!
She said,
"Did somebody try to take you, what happened!? You should have told me, or run him over!"

He was awful! I was still so scared! Luckily, because I had called her from his phone, she had stored the number because she wanted to make sure just in case! She said on the way, she tried to call the phone 4 times after she talked to me...he didn't pick up once!

I called the police so fast! I reported that SOB!

My mom kept trying to call him, and she said when he picked up she gave his ass what for! He kept speaking in spanish though! Son of a Bitch! I hate illegals!

When I called the police they said I was smart not to get out of the car, but stupid to pull over! Its just like Oprah says,
"If you leave the car, you most likely won't be found."

This just scares me to death every day, you just cant go anywhere anymore!

All I could think about was how earlier that morning I couldn't stop praying, and just asking for a safe, good day, and a good interview. God was definitely on my side this time, God is so good all the time, and I am so glad that nothing happened to me. I am going to pray for that man, he needs it! I feel bad for people like that because it is like they are not even human. I don't know if he was going to hurt me, he could have been harmless but it all just seemed very unnecessary!

This shows me that most likely this man was a predator and he wanted something from me, I dont know what but it taught me to not be so niaeve, to pay attention, and to always have my phone. I don't know if this story will help anyone, but i wanted to put it out there. It scared me to death and I hope it never happens again, so many young girls are getting killed today, its just SICK! I hope this story isn't to dramatic!

Eventually, I found out that the Redcross Van had been stolen, and many girls were being attacked just like I had been...scary!

I hope everyone had a great Thursday! Stay safe girls!


Mrs.Preppy said...

OH MY GOSH! I would still be a complete mess. You were very brave. And I am so gald that you are ok.... physically, at least. Mentally, I would be a wreck.

preppypearlgirl said...

Thank you so much! It is just shocking to me, I really cant believe it!

Jennifer H. said...

Poor thing! That is horrible! Good for you for being smart and possibly saving your life.

Thank you for the reminder that we should always be on guard! Sharing your story may save someone else!

Always Organizing said...

How scary!! Smart woman to follow your instincts. Glad you are ok.
Hope the police track down that creep!

Jake and Taryn said...

WOW!! I got chills reading the story and racing to the bottom to make sure you were ok. It is so scary out there and you always have to have your guard up. I bought some pepper spray and keep it in my purse. While walking to my car in a parking lot or any time I just get that feeling that something isn't right, I will carry it out in my hand just in case. It is amazing how fast things can happen. I am so glad you are ok!

magnoliabelle said...

I am sooo glad you are ok! It's a great reminder and good to know there's a guy like that around this area. So scary! Keep being a smart Angel girl!

Tammy B said...

What a horrible experience. I'm glad that you were not harmed. I bet if you had tried to leave and run over him, he would have gotten out of the way. Please, everyone, be careful. If I ever feel uncomfortable driving, I put my cell phone up to my ear and pretend to talk. Usually that person will go the other way.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am about in tears reading this story! I am sooo glad you are ok and had the smarts to think fast!! Take it easy this weekend. And thanks for sharing- it's so good to be reminded of things like this.

Clara Belle said...

I just came across you blog and I read this story and I was completely sucked in! It was like I was there with you, stories like this make you so aware. It really makes you realize that not everyone is like yourself and we need to watch ourselves.

Cas said...

So glad you are ok!

N M B said...

Wow! SO glad you're okay!

Buford Betty said...

Wow - so scary!!!! I am so glad you were using your head and followed your gut. God was definitely with you and I have no doubt that man had bad intentions since he was so "desperate" to get you out of the car. Thanks for sharing and the reminder for us girls to always be on guard. Better to come off as "rude" than to get hurt. That's what worries me sometimes b/c I'm too nice a lot of times. So glad you're OK!

Anonymous said...

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SnappyCasualGifts said...

You were so smart to not get out of the car. Thank GOD nothing happened to you. There are so many bad people walking the face of this eart that it is scary to be out and along a lot of times.

Liz said...

I came across your blog through Preppy Pink Crocodile.
I had chills as I read your story. I am so glad you followed your instincts and did not get out of the car. It is scary how something like that could happen.
Thanks for sharing just to open our eyes and to remind us to always be aware.
You had a guardian angel that day.

Kate said...

So glad to hear you are OK! You did just the right thing too:)

Anonymous said...

Thank God you're ok - how scary. Hopefully they will catch this guy before he can hurt anyone.

Kara said...

That is so freaking scary! I am going to tell my cousin about that because she lives in the area and she would fall for anything. I just couldn't imagine what I would do if I was in that situation.

The Adventures of Maverick & the Mrs. said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you were smart enough to follow your conscience! Glad everything is fine!

katiebee said...

omg that is really scary! glad you're okay!!

Preppy Mama said...

Wow, you are so brave and so quick thinking. Thank you for posting this you just may have saved someone else.

Lori said...

Wow, I was so scared for you reading this. I'm glad you are ok and I feel for your Mom and the terrifying fear she must have felt in those 20 minutes or so.
I'm glad you followed your gut~ our instincts are always right in trying to tell us something. You were smart to grab his phone, I don't know if I would have been that brave.
I'm so glad that you are ok and remember that God is ALWAYS on your side. :)

Liz said...

I have actually had someone tell me about this happening to her before and that a guy tried to get her to pull over but that, like you, she knew she did not have a flat and just decided to drive in the slow lane in case she did. She said the guy eventually got fed up and left her alone after continuing to try to get her to pull over and then she saw him on the news the next night. Scary. Glad you are okay though, you were smart!

Mrs. Decker said...

My heart was pounding just reading this! Thank God you are ok. You were so smart to trust your instincts. I would like to add's not always the scary looking guy that we need to be cautious with. The bad guy can also be good looking and well dressed. I will keep you and your mother in my prayers.

J said...

That is so scary. You were very smart considering the circumstances, I have no idea what I would have done in a situation like that. I'm glad you are safe!

workinthatpreppy said...

i would hope they catch him too...what is the world coming to? glad you are safe and can enjoy spring!

lizziefitz said...

I am so shaken by this story. I have three girls and will definately share this with them. You were so brave and quick thinking. That kind of knowledge is way more useful than speaking French!