Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun Survey!

I stole this from "Little Southern Sister"!

Maybe i should figure out how to cook!

I love the smell of my Burberry perfume!

People would say that i'm well rounded

I don’t understand why bad things happen to such good people!

When i wake up in the morning I sleep for 5 more minutes

Life is always good!

My past eww...I was a little bit of a tomboy, lets not go there!

I get annoyed when People are overly positive...thats not real. I would prefer people just express their feelings.

Parties are so much fun, especially parties at the club or a fraternity party!

Dogs Love them!

Cats Like them. Loved Chazzles!...ugh, RIP!

Tomorrow is SUNDAY! My favorite day, too bad i'll be studying all day...

I have low tolerance for liars, and people who are fake and rude...we could all do without those things.

I’m totally terrified of snakes, spiders, and roaches! I WILL cry. I can't kill spiders, so when I find them in the dorm room I scream and call someone to kill the nasty little bitch!
I called my landlord once during an "emergency", there was a cockroach was on the wall...

She thought it was funny, I wasn't laughing...

Never in my life have I broken a bone, had glasses, or had braces! I always wanted the last 2!

High school was a joke, and not half as fun as college! I miss it though!

When i’m nervous I pray, or yell at someone by accident, most people prefer the first answer!

One time at a family gathering OH MY GOSH, I accidently hit my aunt in the head with a Yo-Yo! I was 8 years old, and all of my extended family was spending our usual 2 weeks at Wrightsville Beach! Earlier that day, we went shopping, and I got the "Black Widow"!
It was THE yo-yo of the 90's!
It was wood, painted black, so slick!
Anyways, so I was doing my signature trick, "around the world", at the wrong place, wrong time! All of the sudden the yo-yo didn't come back around!
I looked back, and I saw her out cold on the laundry room floor! I knocked her out!
5 minutes after she woke up conscious, she sent 5 out of 7 of the cousins to the neighbors house to get an iron! For some reason this always comes up at family reunions...its always a fun story!

Take my advice: "Spread love wherever you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier!"
-Mother Teresa

Making my bed makes me feel so much better, and makes my room appear bigger!

I'm almost always on the go!

I’m addicted to Lilly Pulitzer, Golfcart Rides at Midnight, and News!

I want someone to always be there and be able to keep up with me!


Kate said...

"I cant kill spiders, so when I find them in the dorm room I scream and call someone to kill the nasty little bitch!"

ME TOO! I was really scared I would see them all over Australia but so far only one snake sighting (while hiking)! (Knock on wood!)

Nelly said...

Loved doing this! Hope your exams went well!

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Can I borrow this?!

Also, what is a jort? :)

preppypearlgirl said...

Thanks for all of the comments girls!

Tickled Pink & Green, of course you can borrow this!! and omg jorts are jean shorts, usually cut off!!