Monday, July 7, 2008

Never A Dull Moment!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, you will not believe my morning! It was out of control!

So I went in to work at the park around 9. We always meet at the actual parks and rec office before we actually go to the playground. Well, the guy I work with went to drop his brothers off at church camp before he got there, but when he did, as always we just talked to the staff for an hour before going to the playground.
That is probably my most favorite hour of the day! We talk about everything, and I just laugh the whole hour because people tell the most hilarious stories!
Usually, J and I will talk about what happened at the playground the day before, and we heard that some kid swallowed a dime the other day at the camp at the for him!

Anyways so today we got to the park and we saw all of these papers and glass everywhere. There were 3 checks. One was for $600.00, another for $450.00, and another for $40.00!!!! Then next to the checks was a passport and a really ugly purse!
I feel bad for the woman getting her passport stolen and all, but they did her a huge favor taking that purse away!

Anyways, so we also found like her rewards cards for casinos, a passport and a brochure to Las Vegas! Also, there was eye shadow, nail clippers, thank you notes, grocery lists, ect! So, I figured that some woman had gotten mugged, and in that neighborhood, I was not surprised! Her name was all over everything that had fallen out of the purse, We just ended up calling our boss, and she said she would call the cops.

Then I walked out to the playground because I saw a plastic bag, and it had little white folded pieces of paper in it! I thought, OH wow! Someone dropped like...I don't know...sugar?
I picked it up and opened it. I was touching it when, Officer Joe told me to "put it down, its not a toy!"
Oops, it ended up being some powder form of heroin!
I don't know why anybody would leave that out on the playground where my kids play!? The cop said it was worth at least $1000.00. I bet somebody is having a really bad day!

It ended up that some guy busted this woman's window in her car while she was in a meeting, and he stole her purse! Asshole!
My boss, P came out to check out the scene, because it was a sight to see! He is also an ex cop, and hes not afraid to let you know that! He is hilarious, usually he just jokes around but he pulled up to the sketchiest park in Salisbury and his beach music was blasting out of the car and all of the neighbors were like "what the hell?, who that?, shut up whitey!"
J and I laughed at him too...pretending not to know him! Some of us aren't trying to get shot at 10am!
Paul got out and approached the purse, he pulled out his phone, and kept looking at everything but not touching it! Josiah and I had touched most all of it, not even thinking about fingerprints! He was so serious about it!

Josiah and I are gonna ride by the park at like midnight just to see what happens, I hope we see something good! Im excited!

Have a great Monday!


Anonymous said...

I know that woman will be glad to get her passport back. That was nice of you and you are sweet to get the kids cookies and lemonade. I love the Harris Teeter -- I shop there, too.

Anonymous said...
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preppypearlgirl said...

I deleted the last comment, because again...if you dont have a blog I dont like comments. Thanks!