Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Hey girls!

I know its been forever since i've posted but things have been way too busy! I got all moved into my Raleigh house with the girls Saturday. We have had parties every night since then, and I am so happy because my fun brother and his friend came up and partied with us last night! He had a soccer game today so he left, but I hope he comes back a few more times before school starts.
I am really missing my family, dont get me wrong I love love love living with the girls, but I just loved being home this summer and with all thats gone on I really miss them!
The past 2 nights we have had a few of our guy friends over, and its all great accept one of the guys that comes ...without being invited might I add, is my ex boyfriend. I cannot stand him, everytime he walks in the door it looks like he just walked off a yacht. That IS what attracted me to him in the first place, but now, not so much, he looks queer!
He loves to show off!
What was I thinking?
SO the first night we were here we only had like 10 people over and we were not loud at all!
The next day, this ugly fatass man with jorts, a wifebeater, and oversized glasses (back off ladies, hes all mine!) comes over at 4:30pm and I opened the door because I thought it was a new neighbor!
Who wouldnt?!
All the girls were sitting in the room, but I ALWAYS get chosen to talk to people who come to the door (I think its because I am so lively haha!) anyways so I extend my hand, and say,
"Hey! I'm Katie it is just great to meet you, are you our neighbor?"
He said,
"Welcome to the neighborhood if you throw another party you just wait and see what happens little girl! I have lived here my whole life, and I know your damn type!"
...umm excuse me, but that was a little unexpected and rude!
I have never in my life I was just smiling and I was so nice to him! I thought it was weird after the fact because he didnt tell me his name and he was walking all around the house when he left and looking at our cars, and prancing through the yard. Okay so My landlord says people in the neighborhood arent like that, 4 guys lived in the house before us and had HUGE parties, like raves every night, and nobody ever complained.
After he left, I went to the next door neighbors (because the guy said he lived 8 houses down!) and I asked if the neighbors heard us, and they said they didnt hear us one time, all they saw was us getting a cab and they said all they thought was they were proud of us for getting a cab! So sweet! LOVE Bob & Janet!
Anyways, so if my neighbors didnt hear us there is no way that guy did. My landlord said, and so did all of our moms, that the guy was just searching to see if girls lived in the house, and we better lock all the doors.
I am not happy about this, everywhere I go, some nasty man follows!
Absolutely pisses me off!

This has been the best few days though, I am loving living in the house, we are all about to run to Target and get a few extra things, and then we have to call about getting cable and then some frat boys are coming to cookout in our back yard tonight!!

I hope everyone is doing well!


Becs said...

So good to hear from you! I am glad you are back at school and having so much fun! Enjoy your cookout tonight! Best, Becs

melinda said...

Get a pair of guy's boots or other men's shoes to leave by the front and back door. He'll think a guy is in the house.

If he walks in yard again, tell him not to come back. If he comes back, call the cops.

Rick Rack and Pom Poms said...

Have fun and be careful. How did ex-bf find out address. Did he rap for you? You might want to get your famous pepper spray next time you open the door. Be sweet miss you

Elizabeth said...

1 - I'm glad you at least blogged this.
2 - Call the police and report him. Tell them exactly what happened so its on record.
3 - Don't ever open the door to someone you don't know. Seriously. You sound like the sweetest girl in the world, and all it would take is one awful person to change you forever. Please wise up and be very cautious and protective of yourself.

Oyster Girl said...

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Now I am concerned for you and your roommates' safety. That creeper sounded bad.

I took a self-defense class once with an FBI agent who said never open the door or let someone in your house that you were not expecting. I think it is a good rule to follow!

Get a beware of dog sign and a beaten up old dog dish and leave it on the steps.

You can also drill holes in your windows and insert a nail in the hole to prevent someone from opening your window.

Be safe younger Lilly Lover!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Have a fabu week back with your girlfriends! And lock those doors!!

Kate said...

I know how you feel-I miss my parents. I am so glad I get to live with my sister this year. Definitely nice having family around :) Have a great beginning of the semester!

Lori said...

Yuck creepy man GO AWAY!!
(watch out for him and always keep your guy friends around so you girls are safe!)