Thursday, August 21, 2008

Free Stuff

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.
I went to french for the first time today.
I HATE foreign language, but I LOVE this class, I understood everything she said and I think that it is going to be a great class.
Its probably because I have had it before in High School, but its nice to know what she is saying instead of sitting there zoned out!
I got there a little bit late so I was FORCED to take a front row seat in the corner...damn!
Well, as I said I have had this class before in High School so I kept repeating what she said to perfection!
Then she calls me and another girl (who has also had it before!) to the front of the class and she says
"if you can speak like these girls, you will be just fine!"
I about died! I am not advanced, and I know she thinks this is my first time in French! A few of my friends are in it with me so thats been good!
Then, I had an hour and a half break so I went to the computer lab and printed off all of my internship stuff for this semester! Im so ready to get all of that filled out and done with! I start that next Tuesday! I missed the meeting where we filled out all of the paper work, so I was rushing to get it done today, but of course I thrive on pressure so I finished!
Then I had my Small Group Communications class and absolutely loved it! I met so many fun people, and of course alot of my friends are in there too (most of us are com majors!) The teacher is an outspoken bitch, but shes funny! Most of the time, I love outspoken people! Somebody has to speak the truth! It is too funny!
Then I came back to the house to get my stuff done before a frat party tonight. I just got back from the store and am making stuffed shells out of my "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" cookbook!
We took out all of the organic stuff though, because I want it to taste good!
Again, no offense if your all about organic!
I am excited for this weekend because we are having a big bbq in the back yard!
So I told you about that sketchy guy that came to our door and scared the hell out of me! Well he is the backdoor neighbor of a judge in Raleigh who lives across the street from us.
So my landlord went to introduce herself to the judge who is just the nicest person! She cant be more than 35 years old, and I think she even has kids and their house is amazing! Well she told my landlord that we could be as loud as we want and that guy is crazy and has a hotline for 911 because he hates noise. She said she throws lots of parties too and we will probably compete to see whose the loudest!
Thank Goodness she didnt care because I did not want to be on a judges bad side!
I pulled a Bree Van De Kamp, and made her cookies in this basket with ribbon and we are going to visit today or tommorrow!
My landlord told her we made her cookies and she was like "great, i'll definitly accept bribes!" haha!

Apparently we are suppossed to have an extermenator come soon, because I found a tic in my room! I mean how unsanitary! My room is so clean! Eww, oh my gosh and there are just bugs everywhere outside, so gross!
OH and, I woke up the other night at 5am and saw a HUGE spider poached right above my head, OH MY GOSH I about had a heartattack!
I just cant handle bugs.
I plugged 3 obug repeilant noisemakers in my room, and they better work!

Also, today me and my friend were coming back from target and we saw this table on the side of the road and it said "free" so we loaded it up and these really cute guys came and helped us move it in the car, it was so funny! I had never done anything like that before! We are putting it in the basement!

I hope your all having a great Thursday!

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Kate said...

"We took out all of the organic stuff though, because hell I want it to taste good!"-- Haha, too funny!