Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Friends, and Good Wine

Hey girls!

Last night I went to T's house to practice some more for our shag lesson today! We learned (and made up) so many new moves!! YAY!
We did the pretzel, and this really cool under the leg thing! (I think we just made that up after one to many glasses of wine)!
We learned at least 5 moves today at our lesson alone!
Last night, however, we played Chairman of the Board, and the Temptations!
Between songs, we sat on the porch, had wine, and visited for hours just catching up before we both leave for school!
I am so sad in a way to leave Salisbury, but in another way, so happy to go back to Raleigh. I just feel like T and I have really established who we are in this small town, and there is no way I can get that in Raleigh except for college kids, so I love to be home where everyone knows your name and who you are! It is nice to be in Raleigh with my friends too though, because those girls are like my sisters, and I love college life! It's the best of both worlds.

Anyways, so yes we have yet another lesson today at 1:30 and I am so excited!
I am about to go to work now, and listen to these guys talk about park rules and issues...YAY!
I love park rules, especially how they put a "public park" in a gang infested neighborhood...(just go ahead and give them the needles, and razor blades!) but still put a sign up saying "park closes at 8pm"
...bitch please the eastside do what they want!
They are trying to get park staff to take turns going out there and getting people to leave, I will not be doing that anytime soon because I do not have a death wish!

I will post more later today!
Have a great morning!

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