Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shagging at the Park

Hey girls!

I am so excited, today I started my shag lessons with T! It was alot of fun! The guy giving us lessons is such a great dancer, and also my boss at work! He's in charge of my hometowns Shag Club! While we were shagging, we were learning the "spin" and all of the kids from the park came in and sat and watched! It was so cute, then out of nowhere this really big kid cut us off and said "Hey Papa Paul!" she was twice the size of my boss, and she bout tackled him! HAHA! It was so funny, I was like girrrrrl im shagging here!
Tonight I am going to T's house for a glass of wine, and some practice before tommorrows lesson! It is so much fun! T has a room with slick marble floors, so it should be easy to slide around!

Today at work a mother sent her 1 year old (his name was Foota!!!) and his 3 brothers to the park! All they did the whole time was yell at him and hit him! Little bitches, I am all about mommys day out, but please a 1 year old! My co-worker had to leave early and of course when he left these HUGE 18+ guys showed up to get free lunch, and it kindof scared me! I had to be really firm with the little boys today, especially the 1 year olds brothers because you just cant hit a 1 year old! That is so wrong, and hes still young so he has to know thats not okay! One of the boys that has been coming is really a sweet, sweet boy and he could probably turn out so well if he stays on the right path! I just really hope somebody will help him! The others, just cuss alot for their age! I mean at 7, you really should not use, much less KNOW the "F" word! Oh well, it keeps me entertained! Lately we have been working with them to be nicer to each other and talk things out, because at first there was so much fighting, and I just couldnt take it!

Let me tell you this story, it is so awful, but so funny!!! So this little girl comes up to me today and shes like
"Kate, you got a dog girl?"
I was like,
"Yeah girl I got 1!"
She goes,
"we had one but some bitchass neighbor poisioned it, and my uncle said if they did that junk again, he would shoot them dead!"
...I really didnt have a response for that! My jaw dropped, they live across the street from the park.
I was just like,
"I am so, so sorry your dog was...poisoned!" (as I looked around scared for the uncle, needless to say I am extra nice to that little girl!) Really, what was I supposed to say to that?

I had my doctors appt today to find out that my MRI was completely normal!! YAY! I know now that everything is just because of stress...which sucks, because I dont really know how to get rid of stress! But oh well, it will all work out. Im just glad its not all of the things the doctor threw out there. I am glad he checked for everything to rule it all out though.

Today to shag lessons I wore this Lilly, AND a matching pink and green headband! "Look your best, do your best!"

I hope y'all have a great Thursday!


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

haha omgosh the dog was poisoned, who does that?

ps: that dress is adorable and glad to hear the MRI was normal!

Barefoot in the Park said...

sounds like you had an eventful day! i'm glad the mri went well!

Little Bow Prep said...

I'm glad that your MRI was okay.

The dress is so chic!

Becs said...

Glad to hear your MRI went well. Sad funny story about the dog. Glad you are trying to help the kids to be kinder to their brother- so sad!
Best, Becs

Sydney said...

Shagging in the park sounds like so much fun!! I am glad that your MRI went well :)

Polos & Pearls said...

glad everything went well! love the dress and thanks for reminding me I needed to find somewhere for LB and I to take shag lessons together... both of us have had them before but do not do very well together right now....tooo much type A personality

SnappyCasualGifts said...

That would be so much fun to learn to shag. It always looked like a blast when I would watch the movei "shag".

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you got the all clear! Great dress! And I would have been dumbfounded to at the dog poisoning story!

lml said...

loooove the dress!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

A one year old?? Wow- seems too young for summer camp! I can only imagine cute little you with all those crazy kids. :)