Sunday, September 14, 2008

Painting and Excitement

Hey girls!

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday! Sunday is just my favorite day of the week!

So it has been a long few days since I have posted, but here it goes, I will catch y'all up!

Today me and my roommates are painting the den walls, we chose to do a tomato red and it looks great! We are actually all Tar Heel fanatics, but it looks like State in this house!! AHHH what will we do? We actually started moving the furniture last night!
Okay... so we JUST had an exterminator come and spray, but OMG there were the leavings of a mouse under the couch!
I was, oh my gosh, I was so pissed off!
I stood on the couch cushion for a good hour thinking, not only when the fire department would be here to rescue me, but also which hotel/dorm room I was gonna sleep in! I ended up having a glass of red wine and just sleeping in my own bed. My roommates think they are old, but I don't care, that is just so gross! WHEW, so we will see what we can do about that problem! Its always something, so I have learned just to laugh at everything because it could always be worse!

Anyways, so as I told you I have been babysitting a lot lately, and it has just been great! I actually ended up quitting (yes I know I only lasted a week!) the nanny job I had. But y'all, I was getting up at 5am every day, she was over scheduling me, and she didn't pay me for the 1st week. So I kept her townhouse key and i'm expecting a call and so when she calls for that I plan on asking about my check! It wasn't that I didn't like the little boy, its just that I get really scared leaving my house and walking to my car in the dark, and then getting to her townhouse 15 minutes away and walking in there in the dark and her son is just plain out of it all the time. He can barely talk and hes 8! I just realized that he is a very sweet kid, but he and I just did not do well together he needs someone patient. Also the gas was a lot, and she told me that instead of payment for the first week I could have some of her fall clothes...thanks but no thanks!
Here is reason #2 I quit...well y'all all know that I get paranoid about strange men, well I am in my bed asleep and at 4am I get a phone call from a restricted number and I pick up thinking something bad has happened and its a man saying "This here is Jason, and I swear I wont let satan take over your life, even though hes a nice guy!" AHH Can I just tell you I was scared to death!

Too bad satan wont be taking over my life because I am a Presbyterian and you can bet I made it to church that Sunday!

I just don't get why people would call and say such things! I hate calls like that and then the next night I got another one the same guy and I answered and he said "Im watching you in your window!" I said "Who the hell is this?!" He said "I can see you!" I hung up, and told my roommates, we all think its just some random person calling random numbers but I don't know I just didn't feel safe getting up and leaving my house that early with sick people in the world!

So, back to replace my nanny job, I actually got a new family who lives 2 streets up from me! I love babysitting for families that live inside the belt line, I know that's such a stereotype, but seriously I know most of them through family friends and they are always so nice and I know who they are! Also they are usually about a mile or 2 from me and that's just perfect!

So the new family all started when the new mom called me on Thursday and asked me to babysit. She went to UNC with a family friend of ours and they just moved to Raleigh, well I babysat for them last night and their kids are angels! I loved it so I think that they along with the other family I have on Mondays and Wednesdays will be my new families to babysit!

So, the new family I got is this cute lady who went to school with a family friend of mine at UNC! She and her family are so cute! Her kids were absolute angels and I cant wait to sit for them again! The dad was the spitting image of my ex boyfriend of last year, well how he will look in a few years! It was strange!

Yesterday, some of us went shopping and I found 2 black dresses and a blouse to go with my black pencil skirt for work! I am excited about that!

My work/internship has been a lot of fun the past few times, I actually got to go out to this meeting and meet some really great people! That's my favorite part because you just never know who you will meet!

Well, until later on! I hope you all have a great Sunday!


Molly said...

I'm so glad that you've found a babysitting job that fits you. Those phone calls are so creepy that happened to one of my roommate freshmen year and they found out it was some 15 year old kid, so I guess just ignore it and be positive! Good luck with this new boy.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Well, the creepy phone calls are crazy. Just be careful because you never know about people. And you were not wrong for quitting after one week and payment needs to be in form of cash or money order not in clothes! Good luck!

lml said...

I hate mice! My cat brought me one the other day...I was mortified!

Kate said...

I can't believe the mom didn't pay you! I have babysat for some pretty crazy families. I now just have my regular, great families that I love. Hope the new family is better!

Gracie Beth said...

My roommates didn't understand why as a die hard Tennessee fan that I objected to their red and black color scheme until I pointed out that our den looks like it belongs on either the UGA or Bama campus

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You always make me laugh! Good for you for quitting! You should keep calling her until she pays you in full. And if she was this way with payment on the first week....just imagine how bad it would get months down the road! I think you should get a little tape recorder thingy to tape those creepy phone calls just in case it turns out to be something more involved...

Becs said...

Hello Pearl, You did the right thing by quitting, how weird and rude to not pay you. Getting up at 5am and being scared to walk to your car, is not good. Those calls are scary, can you *69 or tell the person next time that you have a tracer on your phone and you know who he is and someone will be watching him soon, if he keeps it up. Be careful and stick with your friends! Best, Becs

Lori said...

That's funny about the lady offering you her clothes! What in the world?!
(I would have left too!) haha