Monday, September 22, 2008

Stalker/Wedding/Fun Weekend!

Hey girls!

I know its been forever since i've posted but we have had the craziest of crazy week! I know every day I write about is just out there, but this is goodness!

So it all started last week when I started getting sketchy phone calls from a man named "Jason" saying "Im watching you" in the middle of the night, and then calling me one night after I quit my nanny job and saying "I didnt see you come out at 5am, but I did see your roommate come in at 8." Then I got one and he said "I think your really pretty, and I love to watch you and your roommates."

Its enough already!

The calls have ceased and now it is just some white Tahoe with a personalized NCSU license plate.

See, at first I really thought it was the cable guy calling me because remember from a few posts back...he was so crude and he hit on me...oh and told me he had been to prison. I didnt even think, but then he did tell me he needed my number on the contract for the business file. Well, I have never gotten cable before so I gave it to them on the contract.

Okay so, heres the story.

I came home last Wednesday at 11:30am to find a big brand new white Tahoe in my usual parking spot, I mean it is my anyways I swerved and parked in front of the Tahoe. I thought at first that maybe my roommate just had a friend over.

Well, I got out of my car and noticed that the Tahoe was running, the windows were darker then my on growing roots (but thats not here or there), and NOBODY was in the passenger or the driver seat.

So, I went into my house and saw my roommate on the couch, and I said "girl who's in the Tahoe?" She said "what Tahoe?" She said a Tahoe had been behind her the whole way home from school, but that it kept going straight when she got home. Well, it was now hiding behind the trees in our driveway, and so we said well maybe they are waiting on someone or having car trouble so, AN HOUR AND A HALF later we had another class so we were leaving. I decided that I would (stupidly I know) walk to my car and pretend to get something and look to see if anyone appeared to be in the drivers seat, well I looked as my roommate stood on the porch with her phone ready to dial 911, and again I saw no one. I even waited for a minute and then yelled "I don't see a soul!" RIGHT as I got back on our porch the car all of the sudden locked the doors, the horn went off and it sped off so so fast! SOMEONE WAS HIDING IN THE BACK SEAT!

I just was so angry, I called 911 so fast and told them they better please send a patrol car asap!!

So as I said, me and my roommate locked the door...well that night all 4 of us were talking and you will NEVER guess!!

My other roommate came home, see we left at 12:30, my other roommate came home at 2 from her class and NOBODY with a key had been to the house, but the door was unlocked when she got here. She said she assumed I forgot to lock it...because I would, and so she came in and took a shower. She had put her phone in the MIDDLE of our coffee table and it was off, and as she was drying her hair with the bathroom door shut she hears something CRASH! She comes out to see what it is and the door is yet again unlocked, and her phone is in pieces on the ground!!

When we put 2 and 2 together we realized that someone came in our house and I was just appalled!

That night I got two more calls that I mentioned earlier, and those were the last calls I ever got! far haha!

Anyways, so Thursday it was 3 of us in the house and I have called the police a good 3 times at this point and...well I will get to that...not a good experience! But anyways, so Thursday we see the Tahoe drive by at least 8 times and they would basically stop in front of our den window and just STARE and then speed off. We were up scared stiff all night long, literally, we hadn't slept in 5 days at this point! We stayed on that couch until 4am trying to get a policeman out to our house but because we live in a safe place they NEVER COME! That just wrong!

So okay heres the police story...see as I said before,I always call whoever, and say whatever because I am the most talkative. Okay so I call 911 for the 5th time that night and this is what the bitch says!

"911, emergency this be Tameka speakin whatcha wanna report?"
"I said: "I need a cop to this address, please"
She must have started asking me 20 questions, and I just wasn't gonna deal with it! I had answered them all at least 8 times that night and she still hadn't sent anybody!!
So, I said "Listen, Tameka, I don't know who the hell you think you are, but if I am up at 3am with bags under my eyes because I haven't slept in 5 days because you wont send me a police officer to talk to, you better believe I do not want your attitude!
She said (mocked)"is somebody in your house right this minute, ready to come get you?"
I said, "Are you mocking me, Tameka, because if so, you'll be sorry! I don't know who raised you, but they did a bad job, I cannot believe you haven't sent a cop and I have called you all week, this is so out of hand.

So she sent a cop, his name was Juan and he said he was new to the force. He came to the door, said they couldn't file a report unless something actually happened, I wasn't allowed to talk to him because I was sleep deprived, scared, and steamed! My roommate was talking to him, but when he said that I went to that door in my seersucker pjs, and I said Listen,Juan, I don't mean to be rude but if you think we are lying come search the house! He said he didn't have a partner so he didn't want to search the house, so he said call if something actually happens and we shut the door and just kept on praying that somebody would believe us. Juan has a gun, but he cant search the!

FINALLY...Friday night me and my roommate were about to go to the beach to get the hell out of Raleigh and she and I decided to go to her friends wedding! It was fun! I'll get to that in a minute!

So anyways, we were about to leave for the wedding Friday night and all of the sudden my roommate just looked sick, and yelled KATIE, call 911 now! So I did, and of course it was Tameka again, and I said...don't start send a cop we see the guy. She said, honey we get calls like this everyday. Lets face it, you can yell and still use good manners! But after that, I had had it!

So my roommate said HE WAS AT THE WINDOW, so I peeked through the blinds and he had snuck up behind my roommates car and was just glaring at me, dead in the eye!! It was like he was looking at us like we were his prey! It scared me so bad, I had a panic attack! I haven't had one of those...ever! But I couldn't breathe and I was balling, I couldn't even talk for probably 15 minutes because i was crying so hard. Remember in Halloween how Michael Myers tilts his head and stares, that's what this guy did to me, just staring in the window.

The cops got there and threw him in the back of the car and dispatcher calls back, I couldn't EVEN compose myself to talk so my roommate tried to although, she wasn't much better!

The cops came to the door, and I answered and we told them what happened and they pulled the guy out of the car and brought him close to us and said "CAN YOU IDENTIFY HIM AS THE MAN YOU SAW?!" The guy just looked at me again, smiled and shrugged! My roommate and I said, that's him!

See when he was trying to get us, he had on a white cap and a black shirt, when the cops got him, he had changed into a yellow shirt and a toboggan. That is something a rapist does according to the cops!! I am so upset about this, its just absolutely enough! I am 20 years old, I pay to go to a good school, and a great neighborhood and this happens!

Anyways, so here is the best part about the weekend so my post isn't all negative! My roommate and I went to her hometown and the next day we went to this beautiful old time looking wedding in this beautiful white church that was so so old.
After the wedding, we went back to my roommates house and her dad made us a White Russian to get ready for the reception!!! We had that and I was already chatty haha! It doesn't take much, then we got to the reception and we had the best time. They had bourbon punch and vodka and lemonade, I don't really think there was alcohol in any of it though, I couldn't feel a thing. My roommate and I kept going back to the bar, I mean we had a stressful week we needed to unwind and an open bar is the perfect excuse!

So okay it was later in the night and we had mingled, danced, what have you haha! AND so we made our 12nd, 10th (whose counting?) trip to the bar and my roommate said "I want some more punch please. And the bartender said, "Honey you drank it all!" HAHA!! I personally preferred the wine, and the bourbon punch but I swear there wasn't hardly any alcohol per cup!

HAHA!! That made my night!

Her mom was so embarrassed! It was so funny!

At the wedding, this big woman got up to do a solo in what can only be called a sailor suit and the wedding was beautiful accept for that minor detail! She was so so so funny, I was shaking in my pew with my roommate as everyone else kept their composure! As if her voice wasn't enough to make me laugh (I laugh at extremely inappropriate times!) she all of the sudden was singing and she was mid note and she was saying "In his faaaa(CHOKES)aaace...and then ends with a big grin like she didn't just choke!! Honey we saw it! HAHA! There was no music, just her and her voice, and I swear I about fell out of my pew!

But this weekend was just what I needed, and the dean of students has given us permission to skip class whenever we need to and that's good because today a private detective came to the house and I had to miss class and she said it was absolutely excused! I am just so stressed, and I don't get stressed i'm always okay but this has really shaken me up!

I hope y'all all have a great week though, I will try to post again soon!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious - was it the cable guy>

Gracie Beth said...

I am so sorry you keep having these horrible incidents with creepy men!

Nora said...

What a horrible creepy man! I hope he gets locked up for a long time!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

omgosh that is so scary! im glad youre safe!

MMM said...

Very scary story. What did they do with the guy? Did the police apologize? I would file a complaint about the 911 dispatcher.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh girl... the stuff that happens to you is crazy! I'm glad you are okay.

What happened with the guy?

Molly said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that your okay and that they got him! Sounds like the wedding was fun, you totally deserved it with all that drama.

Oyster Girl said...

OMG! Preppy Pearl!

You need to report this incident to the Dean of Students ASAP. This man could have been harrassing other girls at your school. They need to send out an warning e-mail.

Have you been able to find out if it was his phone number calling your number?

You need to get a restraining order against him. This should be done for every girl in your house and should it stop him from harrassing you at school, work, and of course at your home.

I think you may have just landed your first big story at the tv news station. I would bring up what happened to you --- it is very important. A call to 911 should always be answered --- if you want to see a cop they should come ASAP. This is unbelievable...that dispatcher should loose her job.

Stay safe and stay smart!

Elizabeth said...

I don't even know what to say. DO everything Oyster Girl says. You girls are targets because you're young, beautiful, and ALONE. It's not safe. If you were my daughter I would have packed your butt up and moved you in with the nuns.

Tanya said...

If you would like to be put in direct contact (personal cell phone # or personal introduction) with a veteran member of the Raleigh police department who would take your situation very seriously, please email me at

We employ approximately 20 RPD officers as security at our businesses and I am personally good friends with a captain at Capital City Police.

Personal safety is nothing to be taken lightly. Keep yourself safe and if you need help, contact me or someone else that will take you seriously.

Please, be safe.

Barefoot in the Park said...

how scary! i hope that the situation is under control but you all should be extra careful just in case. No matter how safe you feel you should always be cautious!

Marketing Gurl said...

This is crazy crazy...but I am sorry it makes for great reading!

Cas said... glad you guys are safe. Take all the precautions you can to stay that way.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I am curious too. Was it the cable guy? Oh and that is freaky! I probably would have had that girls job as a dispatcher.

Just Ask Beth said...

Dear God in heaven I am praying for you every minute of the day! I feel like you are my daughter. Please, please be careful. Tameka is so lucky and you are too that you girls were NOT attacked!!

Anonymous said...

This is soooo scary, you poor thing. Try to forget about it though - I'm sure it won't happen again. Get some pepper spray - and a dog!! Hope you have a better week!

Kate said...

How scary! I definitely agree that you need to report this to school. Hopefully they can increase their school security patrols and send out a warning to other students.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OMG!! I am about to cry reading this story!! Please buy a mini voice recorder in case he calls again and take pics of any more suspicious cars. If for nothing else than your own sanity!

Last year I was walking my dogs and saw some kids running past me. They started a fire in a trash can. But of course it was a Sunday and NO ONE was around to see this and I didn't have my phone. So I practically dragged the dogs as I was running towards home. I ran into one of my neighbors and started screaming like a crazy woman to let me use his phone to call 911. So I call and blurt out the whole story and exact location and they 911 guy asked me "Does it look dangerous?" I was like, um it's a fire so I'm going to say yes on that one! Dude, fire. just send a fire truck. Don't ask questions!

You might also consider filing some sort of complaint against rude 911 girl. All of that stuff is recorded so they should be able to hear how she treated you.