Sunday, October 5, 2008

Seven Random Things!

Thank you so much for the tag, Preppy Southern Princess!

Here are my Seven Random Things!

1.) I am ambidextrous
I dont know if I spelled that right, but yes I do use both hands for everything. I usually write with my right hand, and do everything else with my left hand. I have always been able to do most everything but write with both hands.
2.) I am madly in love with Lucas Grabeel!
YES! I am! He plays in High School Musical as Ryan, and most people love Zac Efron...pshh Lucas is where its at! If I met him tomorrow and he marry him!
3.) I can memorize any rap song after hearing it one time!
If I could do this with Chaucer, or Shakespeare I would be set in college! I can memorize any song for that matter after one listen, movies too! Its weird.

4.) I was an absolute angel in High School and regret it.
I never drank, smoked, did anything wrong...EVER. I kind of wish I had done one crazy thing, but I didn't! I was friends with people that did, but peer pressure never got to me. I am having my fun in college. For some reason though, it was never appealing to me, and still really isnt.

5.) I met Ben Stein and we had a very random conversation for 30 minutes.
I met Ben Stein at a Chamber of Commerce event here in Raleigh, I was working with News 14 and he was speaking at the event. We went backstage in hopes of an interview and he told me I was beautiful, and he would look for me on TV. He also said he had been to my hometown and eaten at a Waffle House haha! We talked about the economy, and he did his Bueller Impression!

6.) I have to look at my hands to tell my left from right!
This is so sad, but I just cant do it!! I have freckles on my right hand, and my drivers ed teacher, Doris, always thought I was cheating when I would drive because I would look at my hands when she said make a left or right turn. I know my left and right, but I have never let a dermatologist take off those spots on my right hand...ya know just in case I happen to forget one day! Haha!

7.) I have dated way to many people and I have impossibly high standards!
I go to dinner, parties, dances with alot of nice guys, but in the end none of them ever last very long. My friends give me a hard time because they get mad that I date so many and don't stick with one. I feel badly about it, but I have really only dated one that I regret losing!

There ya go!


Molly said...

Oh my gosh you are ambidextrous, you are so lucky. I tried to teach myself to be that but it didn't go over well. And you are not the only one who has to look at their hands with left and right I still do from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Go girl - dating is fun!! enjoy it before you get married!!!

Kate said...

Nothing wrong with high standards!

Ben Stein randomly spoke at my high school. I don't even remember why!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

high standards are a must!

ps: check your email, I sent you a blog invite!

Monogramchick said...

congrats on your awards! you deserve them. it was fun to come over and learn a little bit about you.

suburban prep said...

I am right with you in regards to # 1 and #4.