Monday, December 15, 2008

My Busy Week!

Hey Girls!

Let me just tell y'all about my week!

So today, I am back in Raleigh and one of my roommates is here! YAY! I have been missing them already!
I was supposed to tutor today, but one of the kids, poor thing, got a stomach virus! Those are so awful especially around this time of year. I am so paranoid about throwing up! Oh well, now I have so much time to get things done!I have printed out more resumes for more news stations.

Speaking of news anchors, as I was packing this morning, Dr. Phil was on and NANCY GRACE was on his show! YAY!
Absolutely made my morning!
She is just too funny, and so smart. People think she gives her opinion and doesn't state the facts, but really she does state the facts, just with an attitude so you think its simply her opinion! Personally I don't care what she does as long as her show stays on air!
Anyways, so Dr. Phil was talking about "Horror Headlines" like with murders and stuff, and I almost changed it when that cute Anne Presley's picture came up. I thought her incident was just the saddest thing that I had ever heard! A man murdered, and raped her. The suspect they caught has other charges against him involving some of the same actions. Also, women at a gym were complaining about him!

Moving on, let me tell you what Nancy had to say today, it is just so funny! (Not the situation by any means, her facial expressions, and comments)

They were discussing the 8 year old boy who allegedly murdered his father, and his fathers roommate Tim.

Nancy said: "Not to speak ill of the dead, but what kind of parent gives an 8 year old boy access to a 20 caliber!?"

Then, Nancy and Dr. Phil were discussing another murder where a 13 (at the time) year old boys sister made him take the blame for shooting her husband, when she herself shot him! Let me add, she is now on death row, and he got out of jail 6 years later. YIKES!

Nancy Said "To the sister sitting on death row, I hope you ROT in hell!"

HAHA, so quick, and so witty! She can make her point.

So anyways when I got to Raleigh, I accidentally left my lights in my car on for an hour, so I really hope it starts later! I was talking to one of my best friends from High School and just completely forgot to turn them off...Whoops! I also accidentally left my keys in the door, I have got to stop being so ditsy and remember these things! See, I accidentally dropped my laptop on the way in the house, while still on the phone, and a girl only has 2 hands! I forgot all about my keys, y'all know how it goes, too much at one time!

Wednesday, I am attending a Debutante Luncheon in honor of one of my good friends in Salisbury! I am so very much looking forward to it, it will be my mom and me and then many other daughters and mothers! It will be just beautiful. I am not sure what I am going to wear yet, I don't want to be too fancy but I do want to be very classy. My mom and I could not decide whether to go because it is such a hectic week, but anything to do with Deb season, and I am hooked. I cannot say enough about how much it meant to me to be a Debutante, it is not as important to some people, but for me it really helped me come into my own and I love living up to the expectations of a Debutante. Her deb ball was actually about a month ago, so I guess this is just a luncheon to celebrate it one more time. No excuse needed! haha!

Thursday, My friend who is having the deb luncheon, her brother and I are best friends! I have known them both forever, and they are such sweet people! He is the same one that I went to that Country Club with, if you haven't heard about that, scroll back a few posts! It is too funny! Anyways, T and I are headed to the Biltmore Estate to see it decorated for Christmas. That is our gift to each other. So excited!

Then, im going toy shopping for Project Santa with a few people, we go every year together and get extremely outspoken when it comes to toy shopping because I am very adamant on getting the kids what they request depending upon our budget. Karen, this funny lady who thinks she knows what kids want tries to buy cheap toys, but no no! Not this year! I am all about deals, but does a 16 year old boy want a remote control car?! NO! He wants a play station, tv, or radio thank you very much! Despite the overwhelming atmosphere, we always have a good time, and we both get to be in charge! I am looking forward to it, we are hitting every toy store within 2 hours of Denton and not lookin' back! These kids are really going to smile on Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Preppy 101 said...

Awww - you are the sweetest. I totally agree with you on the gifts for Project Santa... I always take an angel...and when I taught high school my class would sometimes take Three angels!! And they would donate so much money that it would just make your heart sing. And then we would go shopping together and buy E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G on the list + some! Such a great thing to do!!

QueenBeeSwain said...

just love the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season :)


The Pink Tutu said...

Hi there. I hope you enjoy the Biltmore. I went last month and it was so pretty decorated for Christmas! Good luck with all you have to do, what a busy time of year!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

You crack me up with your love for Nancy Grace. She's so mean (or I think she is anyway) to her "Guests." The way she says their full name in the slow motion when she is ticked at them or how she asks them a question but cuts them off three words into their answer just to hear herself speak again. You seem too sweet to look up to her. :)

I am the same way with Angel Tree presents at church. I really want the kids to get what they ask for (within reason of course). It is Christmas afterall!

I hope you had a fabu holiday with your family.