Thursday, March 12, 2009

If Anyone Asks, I Talk Like Sarah Palin!

Hey girls!

Today is busy busy busy! I have my phone interview with Haute PR at 1pm. I am very excited, and surprisingly not too nervous because i've spoken with them before and they are just as nice as they can be! Also, I looked at their website, and love everything about it! What they do, and their clients are very impressive!

My roommate and I made a bet today and if I lose, (which...I will!) in light of going to NYC, I have to talk like a Northerner on the plane. Not just your average Northerner, I know many and their accents are not too thick. Dont get me wrong y'all, theres nothing wrong with a Northern accent but as a southerner, I like mine better! The accent I have to talk with is a full out "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Northern accent.

Just yesterday, I had 2 tests and I found out I finally got an A on a French test! AHHH! My mothers jaw dropped when I told her, because no I do not do so well in foreign language! She was quite shocked! I also had a religion test. We wont go there...I have strong faith, but apparently the text book and I don't agree! Haha!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


QueenBeeSwain said...

congrats on the A, thinkin' happy thoughts for you RIGHT NOW!

PS- thick Minnesooooootan accents are never NOT funny! I've worked really hard ever since college to not have one- am sure that I sound just as bad to you- but even to my Southern Wisconsin self- the Minnesota accent is just so bad and so funny!


Anonymous said...

Felicitations! Tu as evidement tres intelligente! That's probably wrong, but hey ho! How did your interview go? Do please post your spring clothes picks - that would be a cool post!