Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Post of the Day!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, the weather here is just awful today! It was so beautiful at the beginning of the week, but today it just started raining! I woke up early in hopes of studying for a test, and the rain put me right back to sleep! Thank the good Lord that our class syllabus had recently changed, and our test is next week! I actually said a little prayer last night that I would do well, and I certainly got my wish!

Well last night was an adventure!
Two of my friends were turning 21 and they had a get together at their apartment!
It was a lot of fun, and good to see everyone.
Fosters was next, and we got there a lot later then we normally do, so of course there was a line...
but not just any line...
a MILE long line out the door with loud people running around everywhere.
The minute I saw it, I was like there is no way that I am going to do this, lets just go somewhere else. But of course, we attempted to wait in the line. Some of our friends were closer to the front so we went and stood with them, I just stood in shock as people were pushing through like mad bulls trying to get in the door and security was telling everyone to back up. While in line, I made some new friends, haha, and they all went to State. They were so funny! The 4 of us decided we were getting in that door so we started to power through, and then this poor girl that I didn't know who was a few steps in front of me tripped (hence why I just don't wear 5 inch stellettos!) and then literally, people just started stepping on her!
I think that is the absolute rudest thing! Seriously, who steps on a poor girl just to get into a bar?! It was at that point that I turned around and walked out the door, I was not staying there if awful stuff like that was gonna go on! I powered through the other way, and got out of the madness! I couldn't believe as close as security was, they just turned the blind eye and didn't even help the poor thing! I would have, but all of us were too far away and it was so crowded nobody could move.
So yes, not my best experience at Fosters, but a memorable one none the less. Usually, it is such a fun place to go and have a few drinks, but lately it is turning into just another place for people to get crazy. I'm getting to the point now where if I am just with a few close friends and we even just stay at the house and get together it is almost more fun then trying to beat the crowds everywhere else. Luckily I will be 21 soon, so I wont have to go on Thursdays anymore! YAY!

On another note, after having 3 tests this week, my roommate and I are about to go shopping!! I am in desperate need to find something to wear to New York City in 3 weeks! Also, retail therapy is the best therapy, in my opinion!

Have a great Friday girls!


Preppy 101 said...

Our weather has done the exact same thing this week. I mean 70-80 and beautiful on Monday and Tuesday, getting cooler on Wednesday, freezing cold and rainy Thursday and today! I am so ready for spring!! Have a great weekend!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Aw, that poor girl that was stepped on! I hope she is fine!! I know what you mean about the weather. In GA, it was literally 81degrees on mon and tues...and yesterday it was cold and rainy. =(

Hipster Prep said...

That play is so great! I saw it a few months ago. You will absolutely love it :)

Jules said...

I tagged you
you can see everything on my blog