Friday, June 12, 2009

Cruise for Kids

Hey girls!

I am so excited that I have tons of your e-mails! If I ever do go private, I will have them all to invite you, I promise! Feel free to keep them coming, I will make a list!
Also, thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and e-mails, I am just going to block anonymous comments. I am who I am, and I write what I want to write, I love my readers. If you are upset, you do not have to read this thing! There are millions of others out there. the girls that always keep up, I keep up with y'alls too and love it! Thank you for reading, and for all of the great things you sent me! You are all so sweet!

So let me tell you about my night last night!

Yesterday, I was at work and I began to look up charity events in New York because I thought that would be a lot of fun. My mother has been telling me to get out and see NYC, and spend my money on things that I will remember (i.e. not a drink from the Hotel Bar!) Well, I decided, what could be more fun than having a great time for a cause, and getting the opportunity to network? I found so many wonderful events such as a "Tory Burch" event benefiting young girls in need, "Fashion for Hunger", and lastly, the one I attended last night "Cruising for Kids!". At home, there are a lot of opportunities to help out as well, but in NYC it is a lot of fun because there is an event every night! I would really like to get involved in more charities as I get older! It looks like such a great opportunity, I have so much admiration and respect for people that put these events together, its amazing!

Well, as most of you know, I love love love to get dressed up for anything! "Cruise for Kids" was unbelievable! I was so excited! The tickets were very reasonable for something like that! Actually, so reasonable that my sweet boss at Haute PR paid for Katy and I to attend because I could technically work on the yacht! I met so many great people! Actually, I met a girl in the bathroom as I was touching up my mascara who goes to NC State!! So exciting! I didn't only get to go all around in NYC, and NJ and see so many places, but there were 2 open bars and free dinner! It was really nice, the charity did a great job putting every thing together, and the age range was like 21-35 so it was just perfect!

The boat we went on was just beautiful! We sat for about an hour and then took off. We boarded around 6:30 and stayed on the water until 10:30! They had a dance floor, it was so much fun! I requested Earth Wind and Fire, but you know unfortunately, "September" just didn't quite make the play list! Lil Wayne did though, and don't think I didn't rap the whole song...whew!

When my roommate and I sat down for dinner, I met another great person! This cute guy, CJ, came to the table and told us his sister was supposed to accompany him, but got sick and couldn't, and asked if he could join us. Of course he could! He was very very sweet, and had a great sense of humor! We had a great time! He gave me his coat when we were outside and it was FREEZING, he got me drinks, and was just a gentleman! Well, we all took turns getting each others drinks, but it was so nice to meet such a fun, sweet person near my age! We were talking about school, and he has just graduated, and actually begins working in July, so we are going to try and do more charity events and things together! As we were at the table, another adorable couple joined us, and they were too cute! The guy reminded me of the actor in "knocked up" he was just so funny! His wife was really fun too! We all hung out all night! I probably had 8 gin and tonics that night, but hey it was all for the kids!!

I have to share this though!
So, as I have mentioned before, my Aunt wants to set me up with a friend of hers son. He is a great guy, and graduated from Wake Forest, so that's pretty close to me actually. Well, he doesn't have facebook, and so I never really knew how we were going to get in touch, but I left that up to him. Hence, okay last night, we got off the ship at 10:30, I was pretty tipsy, it was a fun time! Anyways, I get a call from this number I didn't recognize, and so I answered because I always do, and
Y'all I am mortified!
Although I know I sounded soooo freakin sloppy, he asked me to dinner, but Lord knows I just didn't sound like myself! My accent gets thicker and my voice gets higher with even just 1 drink, and so I am so worried because who knows what he thought! I told my mother, and she said there is no way he would judge me if I was at this event, its understood that I would have a good time. I am hoping to hear from him tonight, because we are supposed to have dinner on Saturday!
Who knows, everything happens for a reason, so we will see!

Here are some pictures from the event! Thank you to the charity for doing such an amazing job last night!

Have a great Friday!


kb said...

It looks like you are having the time of your life in NYC! Is this a job or an internship? If internship, hopefully it will lead to an amazing job!!

so jealous!

Liana said...

lookdd always!! ;)

Preppy 101 said...

Oh look at those great pics!! That guy will NOT think one thing about how you talked. He prob didn't even notice! Keep us posted. Glad you put the X on anonymous comments! xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a great evening! So glad you are enjoying yourself in NY! Are you still thinking of going private? Let me know if you do - - after a year of reading your blog you are like a little sis - along with Queen Bee Swain of course! Btw - let me know if I can link up with you on Facebook!

Preppy Sue said...

Cute photos, sounds like a fun evening for a great cause!

Emily Boas said...

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