Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Blog later about it but I LOVE my 2nd internship!

Here are some things that I need to note so I remember to fill you in!

-Thursday going to a "Quest" Magazine Party on Upper East Side!
-Going to Lauren Conrad Book signing in Tribeca and meeting her and taking pictures!
-Getting business cards with my name on it!
-Promoted from Intern to Account Executive
-Work across from Bethenny Frankel

I got a late start this morning because, I left my phone in the room on the way out, and discovered when I went up to get it that my key had deactivated. EHS was not yet open, and they are really starting to tick me off because my bed isn't yet lofted, Internet is out, and no cable...on top of that the "24 hour RA" is non existent! Anyways, it will all get better, that's the least of my worries! I went to security twice, and then a very nice man who worked in security took me to my room, and reassured my panicked self that I would quickly adapt, and he would help me anytime! So sweet! I finally got my phone, and called my mom! Then I called my new boss once I got off the subway, and she is so sweet! I got to work about 9:30 and honestly was quite proud of myself for finding the subway! It was so funny, I saw a guy getting on the V Train this morning, and his book bag got stuck in the subway door and he was just spinning around cussing, he looked like a dog chasing its freakin tail! Of course, I accidentally started laughing, and looked over to see this other lady was dying laughing too...since everyone else was just staring and silent, and she seemed nice, I asked if she was taking the F Train too! She was and she showed me exactly where to go!! I was so happy! My morning just turned around so quickly!
Then, when I got off, it started raining...this sweet lady was holding a Louis Vuitton Umbrella, and of course I forgot mine, so she looked at me, and said you look too cute to get wet, hop under! Normally I wouldn't trust people but she looked very nice, and her husband was adorable too!! It was so sweet that they shared their umbrella with me!
Then, I got to my building and I love this job. It is so fun, my boss is the greatest boss I have ever had! She lets us actually work and develop ideas! I am really enjoying it!
I will post more later!

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Have a great Tuesday!


Liana said...

sounds like such a great time! and if you're supposed to network during an internship this sounds so much more fabulous!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...


Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

I love reading your blog!

You are so upbeat!

Have fun in NYC and don't turn any opportunity down- you never know where it could lead you!

FYI...the Lilly Pulizter warehouse sale is tomorrow through Saturday in Valley Forge, PA. You should trek down from NYC and go- the bargins are great!

Elizabeth said...

CONGRATS! It sounds like so much fun! I work in the marketing industry as well and look forward to hearing about your experiences :)

Paisley & Pearls said...

So glad to see you are loving your internship and NYC too! I've been working in the city for just over a week and have had soo much fun already!

Preppy 101 said...

Look at you!! Taking NYC by storm!! Can't wait to hear all about celebs that you meet, Bethenny, the parties, etc. !!