Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, so my new favorite tradition so far is that my roommate and I meet everyday after work in the hotel bar for a margarita and plenty of stories that we have accumulated throughout the day! T and H have joined us too, and it is a trip hearing about everyones day! Another perk is that more and more people are starting to come to the bar after work, SO much fun! I love New York!

After a few drinks, we all decided to go out to a bar for karaoke night, and OH MY GOSH, we did just that!

I have cute pictures that I will post later on!

My roommate and I decided to sing "Carolina Girls" first, and okay, I decided to let my English friend T slide on this one, but everyone else with us who didn't know the song "Carolina girls"made a BAD first impression haha!
Oh my gosh!
NOBODY (even those from Georgia) knows what shagging is!
Actually, it was pretty embarassing, we were talking about it, and I told some of the people I was the president of a shag club in NC, and well...they avoided me for like 10 minutes, I quickly figured out that they had all seen Austin Powers, but never Chairman of the Board!
COME ON! After that, I just had to give some of the guys shag lessons, and they loved it!
About 5 songs into karoke later, we did Journey "Don't Stop Believin" and all of the sudden I look to my right and see this old man tryin to keep up with us!...Good luck sir!

Then, a gin and tonic or 10 later, Tommy Tutones song "Jenny" came on...and needless to say we all grabbed the mic!
Instead of "8675309" I proudly *at the time* blurted out my cell number in the highest pitch I knew how...then all 12 people THAT was how we all exchanged numbers! It was hailarious!
This wasnt so funny, I dont know who called me at 6 am by the names of Doug and Bev...but I dont think I want to!

This was the first night we had all been OUT out, because work wears me out, and I doubt ill go out tonight, probably just the usual margarita in the bar after work. I keep meeting so many fun people my age!

I think its pretty nice because I am such a lightweight, so 2 drinks and I am done...its easy to keep me fun!

Tomorrow I am going to a QUEST Magazine Party on the Upper East Side, and I am so excited to meet even more people. I have looked up the magazine and it is absolutely beautiful!

I also have my interview tomorrow morning, they rescheduled and so I have my resume, and most things ready to go! I just have to figure out how to get there! Oh well, ill cab it!

I will post more later!
Have a great Wednesday


QueenBeeSwain said...

loving tha you're taking NYC guns 'ablazing, by storm!


Needs Help said...

Sounds like so much fun!! What a fun tradition :)

LuLu Lake said...

I am glad you're having so much in NYC! I am super excited for you!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! That's funny about shagging. :)

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh, this is too funny, I can't believe nobody knew 'shagging'! And btw, good-good luck with the Letterman folks!


Silvia said...

Hey Girl, Sorry that I have been MIA on reading your blog. But how awesome and great to hear that you are taking NYC by storm! Have a wonderful time this summer, also would love to see some pics! :)