Wednesday, July 22, 2009



That was my freakin face after some nasty SOB threw a cockroach off his shirt onto my chest which then landed in the middle of the elevator we were riding on! I freaked out and ran into the door trying to escape the madness! I hit my head, and now have a welt the size of Texas! Also, my eyes are permanently stuck in the "IM SHOCKED"position...I'm scarred for life...fml!

Here is the story for your enjoyment, my pain!

Last night, I decided that I would order pasta for dinner from my favorite delivery place! I was just too lazy to go anywhere, which is horrible considering I am in NYC! Eventually, I went downstairs to pick it up, and as I was coming back up the story began!

I was all smiles when I got in the elevator to go back up to the room and eat my pasta!

When I got in the elevator, I stood in the back like I always do, because I love to observe everyone that gets on...HELL if im ever doing that again!

All of the sudden, as the doors were closing, this sketchy man gets in!
He was probably in his early 20's and looked like he had just come off of the Warped Tour in 1988...back off girls, hes all mine!
When he got on, I kept waiting for him to push, "3", or "4", hoping he was on a low floor! Oh, but no, of course he was on "16" the same floor i'm on!

When he got in, he was wearing this faded black "Led Zepplin" tee shirt, with TIGHT jeans, and a stark white belt with spikes that should probably be considered a weapon...also his snaggle tooth caught a little bit of the RED lipstick he was wearing. Needless to say, he was smiling with all 5 of his pearly whites right in my direction...real pretty! I was so excited for my pasta now!

Well, finally the doors shut, and reality set in that he wasnt getting out, so I had to grin and bear it!

All of the sudden, he starts flinching like a white guy trying to break dance, and scratching his bald head like nothing i've ever seen! I knew it couldn't be lice because, he didn't have any hair, and so I was forced to assume he was...

a.) a Darren's Dance Groove failure...
b.) an epileptic

All of the sudden he yells,
I look in a panic!
He FLICKS a cockroach off of his dirty neck



I despise cockroaches more than anything in the world!

All of the sudden, I scream bloody murder as it falls off my shirt into the floor, and I RUN for the elevator door to try to escape this jungle!

The doors shut, and I ran right into them! OMG! What could I do but climb up the poles off the ground!
The guy is laughing so hard, saying,
"geez, maybe I should shower!"
"I didnt know those existed up North! I must have carried it with me all the way from the airport!"

Obviously, he was trying to play it cool...too late buddy, your disgusting!

I was SO pissed off, and kept yelling mean things like,
...okay so the last one is a little harsh, but this is no laughing matter...fool!

Then, after what felt like a million years (we were only up to floor 5) he stepped on it, and said "Well there goes one of Gods creatures!"
OMG...he was serious...
Well, another one was about to see his way to the "light" if I didn't get the hell out of that elevator!

FINALLY, floor 16! I bolted out the door, one eye open, because the other was half way swollen shut, and I power walked to my room!

I have never, ever in my life been so disgusted!

That's my story, i'm sure i'll laugh about day!

In other news,
I found out yesterday that the head of ABC wants to give me an internship in Washington DC for the Fall! This was excellent news, because it would give me not only more experience, but also a valuable addition for my resume. I feel like if I do not take every opportunity I am given within the news business, I will never get the job I am working towards. However, my mother thinks I should go ahead and finish school, graduate, then get a job as a reporter. I have already been talking to 2 stations in NC, and they want to hire me when I get out of school, but still ABC will make me that much more qualified! The only downfall is that it is unpaid. After this summer, I am not going to ask my parents to do this for me again! They were very sweet to let me live up here for a summer. I e-mailed the man back and asked if there was a way that I could intern out of Raleigh. He agreed, and sent my resume to the station there. He still wants me to work out plans for DC, but right now it is all up in the air. Could I leave all of my friends for a semester, and not lose touch? Would I want to? NO I can already answer that...and also, it would be very beneficial if the internship were paid. I am still waiting to hear back from ABC, and FOX, so this is one of hopefully a few options. I will just have to pray about it, and wait to see!

Have a great Monday!


Hannah D. said...

OMG too scary/funny! I HATE cockroaches too! One word of advice - never move to Charleston - they're EVERYWHERE!

The Fashionable Leopard said...

LMAO! Nasty, i love your picture to show off your face!

martha - ca knitter said...

Good for you, for screaming at the guy! I don't know what I would have done if I were in your shoes.
Congrats on the possible-DC intern. Hopefully everything works out.

Barefoot in the Park said...

i will say one thing: i'm all for furthing your career but as a mc graduate, i think you would be very sad to leave for the first semester of your senior year! its really one of the last times you get to act like a crazy person (im talking huskin) before you go into grown up mode. i loved those sleepless nights and miss them now that im a "grown up"!