Friday, July 24, 2009


Okay, so as I mentioned...the head of all of the news stations at ABC News contacted me 2 days ago about taking an internship in DC for the Fall.

Also, earlier today, CBS called and wants me to stay in NYC for the Fall and intern with them! I have an interview next week, and we will see how it goes.

As for DC, since this man is in charge of the Raleigh station as well, he sent my resume on to them.

I am really distraught over all of this. I know I should be excited. I am, but I am also really confused.

Here is my story,
Essentially since I was 5 years old I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. I have always loved children, and enjoyed teaching them whether it be at VBS, or at summer pre school!
However, the Christmas that I entered college, I got very involved in the process of checking out families with Project Santa. I saw children who were hurt, starving, and all around sad because of their pathetic excuses for parents. Once I spent a month involved in this, I decided that I wanted to pursue Child Advocacy Law.
I studied that for a few months, and really researched the options and level of comittment it would require. I have never been one for school, and therefore knew that Law was not my calling.
Back to teaching I went...
Well, in the back of my mind, I have always wanted to be on TV, and be famous but I also viewed that as selfish because I had no real reason for wanting to do so.
The next Christmas, I was so confused about my major, and ready to give up when,
It was Project Santas 50th year anniversary. That Christmas, all of these reporters came out Christmas Eve from many different News Channels.
It turns out that a certain news channel had a reporter who called in sick that night, so it was just the camera man. I got up the nerve to introduce myself, and he knew that my grandfather founded Project Santa! This was very exciting because we got to talking, and he was a very good guy! Before we left for the routes, he asked if I could take part in interviewing families, and children, as well as recording a VO, and live Package for the 10, 11, and midnight news!
At the time, I was just ecstatic, and said OF COURSE!
Now, I have never been so glad that I was given that opportunity, because from there, I realized that I could be on TV with a purpose, and pursue my dream, accept it didnt have to just be "a dream" it could be reality.
After that night, I ended up praying that whatever was meant to happen would happen. Everyone always says they could see me on the news. Its very sweet, but I never took it seriously until that night.
The next summer, I gave up a trip to Europe to pursue an internship back home in Charlotte with a local news station. At the internship, my interview in my opinion, went horrible! I was too quiet, and didnt know a damn thing about news! I ended up some how getting it, and through that internship I learned the basics, such as how to run a live truck, camera, and teleprompter. Also I got to meet the anchors, and reporters. Every day was a new adventure, and eventually BIG stories began to unfold and I got to assist with the interviews, press confrerences, and on camera shots! I also got to start my DEMO tape in my hometown!
It was the best summer of my life!
After that summer, I applied for another internship at a local station in Raleigh for the Fall!
For the first month, I sat and did nothing, but then I asked around and got to start going out and covering stories with a camera man! He was great, and let me continue my demo reel! I experienced the rush and excitement of real news. Some of it was very sad, gross, happy, and exciting!
After that Fall, I knew that I had to keep pushing and something great would come because it seemed as though whenever I decided that I wanted to pursue news, God gave me all of the tools to do so, and everything just kept, and keeps falling into place!
As of right now, I am interning in New York City with a PR Firm, and love it!
I have recently interviewed with The Late Show, FOX News, ABC News, and CBS news. I didnt get the Late Show, but I truly consider myself lucky for getting to be a part of the interview process.
I hate saying this, because it sounds just awful but deep down, I am really proud of myself for finding something that I love, and that I can succeed at. It keeps me going!
I am so confused right now because ABC DC, and CBS NY want to take me on for the fall, but it is my last year at school, and I do feel like I should go ahead and finish it up! I havent even thought of the possibility of subleasing my room to anyone for the Fall, and also I would miss all of my friends! I am scared that when I get back to school, all of them would be moving on, and as much as I love my career I love my friends and family too, and I dont want to miss any experiences with any of them!
Although it would just be one semester, I feel as though I still could not accept a job offer with them right afterward because I will not be through with school. I think I should ask if I could accept the internships next summer. I know that may be extremely unprofessional, but in a sense it seems smarter. I am really torn, because here are 2 great opportunitues, and I am just going to throw them away! I hate that! Who knows, what I am really going to base it on is if they are paid or not.

Life is so short, and I would love to keep interning, and doing what I love by somehow working in news. I don't want to settle, ever! I hate thinking that I have so much school left. However, I know that sooner or later if I keep following the path that I am supossed to, and keep working at it, I will be who I am suppossed to.

Any advice?!

Have a great Friday! I am off to after work cocktails with the girls!


KK said...

You will never regret finishing school! Remember that. I took a year off before my sr year to pursue other things and I regret it to this day. I didn't get to graduate with my friends. I didn't even walk bc my friends already graduated. I regret that too- not at least having pics for my kids.

On the other hand, have you thought of the possibility of taking online courses for the semester while you intern? If your school doesn't offer what you need, your advisor might be able to help you find a state school that does offer what you need and what your school will accept. Then you could spend your last semester on campus and walk with your friends. Just an idea.

Either way, congratulations on everything!! I'm 31 and still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. And all of your recent offers are truly awesome. You deserve to be very proud of yourself!!

martha - ca knitter said...

I have to tell you I truly enjoy reading your blog. From your writing I can tell you have such great energy, physically and spiritually. I think you have to feel what's in your heart, then step back and think with your head. Like the person who commented first, you may want to finish school first. Look at it this way, it's only one semester until you graduate from College. If that isn't one of the greatest and best accomplishments I don't know what is.
I'm almost positive if you explain your dilemma, they will understand. I mean who can say no to a person wanting to finish their education when you only have one more college semester left? AND, I'm pretty sure they will always need interns next Fall, just like the year before that and the year before, right?
So, graduate with your friends, spend your last year with your family and then venture out on your own, ready to be the best reporter around AND you'll have a college degree in your hand. Plus you can be a role-model to students letting them know the importance of school.
But, it's your decision. I just put in my two cents, because you asked. Good luck to you!!! :-)

Guardian of Gimcracks/Oyster Girl said...

I would take one of these internships!

These are MAJOR networks in MAJOR markets. It would really position you for a job at graduation. Perhaps that is a question to ask the network- do you higher your interns after graduation?

Contact your advisor at your college and see if you can work out a deal regarding classes- maybe you can get additional credit for this internship.

Your friends will always be your friends - so don't worry about being away from them for a semester. People do that all the time.

MellyLil said...

I really understand what you're going through right now with being presented with an amazing opportunity (many opportunities!) and not wanting to close these doors that have suddenly swung open for you, but at the same time knowing in your heart that you've had dreams and desires since you were little, that came with your upbringing, family, values, etc. I know you will make the right decision whatever it is!
Good luck, congrats, and best wishes! Melanie

Buford Betty said...

I would just keep praying about it... they sound like great opportunities! Maybe talk with some other people in the industry to see if this is something you need to take advantage of now or if it can wait. I assume it's a very competitive field...

I understand the college thing though - does everyone stick to a 4yr program where you are? I could see how you'd feel left behind if you didn't finish with them... but I went to a huge school where people graduated all over the place...some did it in 4 yrs or less, others took 7. I think you just have to do what's best for you. Real friends are still going to be there, whether you graduate with them or not. Just keep praying about it and listen.

Your story is super exciting and I wish you all the best!

QueenBeeSwain said...

I'm going to keep it short- in this day and age, finishing school is important, but (my POV) is that you need to strike while the iron's hot. Go get 'em Kate, school will always be there to finish- maybe you can do some classes online in the fall while interning?!

whatever you pick will be the right thing, I know it. you're a smart girl with her wits about her.

Praying, dreaming and hoping big for you!

amazing awaits!



Princess Freckles said...

I was thinking the same thing as the Queen Bee. Could you take online courses? Or apply at a NY university as a guest student? Sometimes those credits could trandfer and you could intern and take some classes. whatever you decide make sure your feel peace about it in your heart.