Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey girls!

I have the BEST news!
I decided, tomorrow i'm going to the Regis & Kelly stand by line!
I would get tickets, but its a 12 month wait, and I just don't have that kind of time!
I don't know that anyone is gonna come with, but i'm definitly going! I dont care if the stand by line is in a dark alley, HELLO its Regis & Kelly!!
It has seriously been my dream for YEARS to go see Regis & Kelly live! Wendy Williams was so good, the girls and I are looking at other shows to go to now!
I'm gonna get up at 4am and head over, even though you arent suppossed to be out there until 7. I want to make sure i'm in the front of the stand by line.
YES, I may get mugged
YES, I may fall asleep and someone may cut in front of me in line
YES, I may not even get a ticket
YES, I may go by myself
BUT, I have to go, or I will regret it.

Also, tomorrow is David Beckham, and I think hes SO gorgeous!
Im excited!

So yesterday, I dropped off a perscription of mine at this pharmacy near my hotel!
At home, I use Walgreens because, well, who doesnt!?
Walgreens has all of my insurance stuff on file, and so normally I just walk in, hand it off, and pay a small co-pay.
I guess I wasnt thinking when I dropped it off yesterday, or I would have actually found a Walgreens! I asked at this other pharmacy if they could get my insurance stuff there. This woman didnt speak great english so she just nodded.
I went to get my medicine earlier today and it was wayyyyyy more then I thought it was gonna be, because of course, I didnt follow through correctly, I really should have made sure!
No ma'am, no co-pay today!
New York, New York...
I mean its not her fault, it wasnt my pharmacy!
There goes my funds until next week...oops!
Oh well, on the bright side, I got my stuff filled I was a happy girl!
Just another "Katie" moment!
Next time I will just suck it up and find a Walgreens, but it seemed so convenient just to take it to this pharmacy because this is NYC and I knew where it was! I cant venture too far, I wont find my way back! :)

Also, last night I was so excited! I talked to my mom and sister who are on a mission trip in Kentucky right now with our church!
My church goes every year with a group called T.W.A.M. "Teens With A Mission!" They usually travel to Mexico, but this year with the Swine Flu, and kidnappings, it might have done more harm then good for them to be there!
I remember both mission trips in Mexico during my junior and senior years of High School! Both times, I loved it! Mission trips can change your life, and strengthen your faith immensly!
This is my sisters first TWAM trip, and I just know shes going to love it!

They called me, a little tired, when they got there! The whole group drove for 8 hours! They told me when they got to the church, it had nothing in it, so they were all buying air mattresses, ect.
Apparently, the church they were staying at made our Mexico Bunker look good...I dont believe that though, in Mexico there were roaches the size of freakin footballs! I cant count how many nights I slept with one eye open because I was worried one was gonna attack me...so gross!

It is so funny how different it is with my mom out of town and not in Salisbury! Its like this week, I really cant screw up, get injured, ect. because shes not home! I actually have to handle all of my affairs this week, and take care of myself with nobody to be there if I mess up, its good though! This week really is a taste of the real world!
I'm used to taking care of myself in some ways, but in other ways, not so much! Clearly, i'm ready to be back in Salisbury for a week before school so I can go shopping, eat the good dinners my mom cooks, and be back in my bubble! Although, the more I think about it, the more I dont wanna leave the city either! It really is the best of both worlds coming all the way up here from such a small town!

In random news,
I'm seriously considering making myself a dermatoligist appointment! My friend went the other day for something, and I noticed after my back peeled that this one spot itched so so bad, and just hurt! Well, its of course a freccle on my back (I hate the word mole, its disgusting!) So I really think I might make one and go!

Tonight is karoke night at Van Deimens! I havent decided what im doing yet, because i've been so tired lately! Who knows though, I almost always end up going with everyone! :)

Have a great Tuesday!


CarolinaPrep said...

I hope you get to se R&K! When we went to NYC we got in the standby line around 7am and JUST missed getting tickets! So I'm sure if you're down there at 4am you'll get a ticket! Who knows you could be the next Kelly Ripa!!!

Miss Lindsay said...

just recently started reading your blog!
have fun at the show - i'm sure you'll get tickets showing up that early.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Have fun!

Preppy 101 said...

Good Luck with the Regis and Kelly show!! Can't wait to hear about it!! Yes, sweetie, get your back checked. xoxo

martha - ca knitter said...

Here's wishing you luck for the Regis and Kelly Show!

Princess Freckles said...

I went to Mexico for a mission trip in High School also! What an amazing experience that was!

You should surely get your back checked. Take it from someone who knows!

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

So fun! I hope you get in!