Monday, July 13, 2009

Wendy Williams!

Hey girls!

My PR Firm and I decided a while back that we may be able to attend the Wendy Williams Show. I didnt take it too seriously though, because I didnt want to get my hopes up.

Well, I guess sometimes dreams do come true, because we got to go this morning to the premier!

I just love Wendy, she is absolutely hilarious!

I really don't know how to even put into words how happy I was all day, it was seriously my favorite day in the city!

J and I left the hotel around 7:30 and took a cab to the Wendy Williams studio. Her studio has pink signs everywhere, so of course, its adorable! We were waiting in line for probably 30 minutes, when we met this guy named Aaron! He was hailarious! We got pictures with him, because he could dance like nothing I had ever my life!
I just loved him!
He kept screaming and dancing, and then later on when we all got to dance on stage (ill get to that in a minute!) he did the "Single Ladies" dance better than any "single lady" there!
A few minutes later, K and I saw the Fox 5 entertainment reporter!
I had to say hey, I almost interned for them, and shes doing what I dream of doing one day! Gosh to be done with school, I just pray every day that I will have the opportunity to become a reporter, I just know thats what I am suppossed to do, loved watching the reporters in action today, they were all excellent at what they do!
Anyways, so yes, we saw the FOX reporter!
We called her over, and she was so sweet! She asked what our majors were, told us we looked like TV reporters, and then took a picture with us! I was in Heaven!

After that, we got to go into the waiting area, and fill out questions to ask Wendy! Her waiting area is so adorable and has quotes such as "the bigger your hair, the smaller your hips", "How YOU Doin?!", and it was pink pink pink! So cute!
As I was filling my question sheet out, a man came up to me and told me that I looked very "commercial", would I be interested in that area?
He gave me his card, and we WILL be in touch!
I proceeded to fill out my sheet, and return it.
After that, we were taking pictures of her studio, which I will post later!

Then, we proceeded into the actual studio to take our seats!
I thought, okay, so my dream came true, but im sure we will sit kind of far back and that would have been totally fine!
We were front row, and I was in the very center! We got to sit right next to Vanessa Williams mother, and Wendy Williams when Vanessa was preforming her new song, "The Real Thing" (which by the way, is so freakin good, and the whole studio got a copy of her CD) While she was preforming, Wendy looked over at K and I and started saying "Isnt she beautiful, im so thrilled about her new album, love your dresses, how do you like the front row?!"
I said "Yes, Yes, Thank You, LOVE IT!" You know, with a lot more added in, but I was a bit in shock!
My life is complete!

In the beginning, we all got to go in the middle of the stage and dance to music while Wendy was still getting ready. They do a lot with the audience which is so much fun!

Then, it was Q & A with Wendy, and my PR collegue, got to ask a question on live TV, my other friend got to ask one at commerical break, and Wendy gave her a hug!

After the show, we got to watch her do promo stuff! So fun!

I couldnt believe that we got to sit on the front row, I have never! I just loved every minute of it!
There is so much more I want to say, but cant put into words! Little things always make me so happy, and today made my summer!
It re-airs at 10 tonight on FOX and I fully plan on watching!
I was so happy for my PR girls for making it onto TV! I am also on there a few times! LOVE it!

Have a great Monday!

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