Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A-List Pieces for Your Collection!

Hey girls!

Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite pieces from "Pieces".

"Pieces" has done such an amazing job with their custom pieces, and they produce the most wonderful things for your home!

Take a look at everything I have to show you, but dont stop there! After reading this post, please visit the website! You will not want to miss everything this company has to offer! Its just perfectly fabulous!

Also, I have got to share this amazing news with you!
The Atlantan's Sept/Oct issue features their A-List desgners and their top finds/inspirations of 2010!
I am so excited to say that "Pieces" very own Lee Kleinhelter is featured! She looks absolutely fabulous, and graces the pages headlining the peice on "Who's Who, and What's What"!

This is a huge honor, in my opinion, and even more of a reason to check out this company's website! Its obviously making its way to the top! I dont know about you, but I plan on joining them on their journey to the top, and doing some serious online shopping! SO proud!

Here are a few of the newest peices that I would love for you all to check out!

The Custom Pieces Pendant & Pouf

This Custom Pieces Oversized Pendant & Tibetan Goat Pouf is a wonderful piece.
-Dynamite drum pendant avaliable in different sizes and colors with gold clover chain. This piece is hand-made in France. It is avaliable in small, medium, and large sizes.

The Custom Pieces X Base Table

This X-Base Table is handmade. White poured resin top with smooth high gloss finish. Resin color and base can be customized to your liking. Contact Pieces to purchase this beautiful piece today!

The Custom Pieces clover Mirror

This mirror is just perfection at its best! It is a favorite of many, and is readily avaliable in the custom size of your choice! Mirror hand-forged heavy iron frame. Standard finish options are: white, black, and chocolate lacquer and french gold, warm platinum and brushed. Contact Pieces to order yours today!

You can find more information on "Pieces" through their facebook page, or on twitter!

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love this company! I value their products, because they are made to perfection, and the customers needs come first. Contact them today to order your custom pieces, and make your home a custom pieces home!

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