Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hey girls!

WOW! It has been forever since I posted! I feel like a slacker, but please dont quit following! I promise, a lot of hilarious (to you, normal to me) things have taken place and I am DYING to share my rediculous stories with everyone!

Y'all know my life makes any Soap Opera look like a re-run of (insert least favorite show HERE) Although, I have found that my life does resemble that of "Patsy" in the hit show "Absolutely Fabulous!"

Lately, I have been working a lot, and I MEAN a lot! Absolutely loving my job(s)!

Check out my IMDB page, soon to be updated, thank God!

Lets take you back...

So, in June, I was cast as CD/Carrie Matheson's Stand-In/Double for Season 1 in the new Showtime Series, "Homeland". I will be doing Season 2 as well!

Do y'all watch the show?

You totally should! It is absolutely amazing, such a nail-biter! I very much enjoyed being a part of the crew, and getting to know the cast & crew! LOVE working on "Homeland!"

Also, I am the new Traffic Girl at a News Station! LOVING it, and am so happy that those internships, and persistence have finally paid off! Not gonna lie, I despised every second I ever spent in a classroom...because I always knew I was meant to talk for a living, and every classroom I was in, that was totally not acceptable...RUDE!

17 (yes a victory lap in college) years of school taught me this in a nutshell:

When you make a career out of something you would easily do for free, thats a career! For me, its talking and acting! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

I am truly so blessed, and so lucky to have this job. Literally have to pinch myself somedays to believe I get to do what I ACTUALLY want to do for a living! Its a beautiful thing! I get nervous every day, which is good I think! I love everyone that I work with, they are all so talented, and incredibly nice!

Thats my life as of lately!

What have you been up to?! How was Thanksgiving?!


Anonymous said...

Hello, europafox here! I have just started blogging again in a about 2 years and its great to see you cracked into the TV scene! Congratulations! I can't access my old blog to update it so am starting a new one. it's nice to be bakc in blogdom getting everyone's news! :)

Freshwater Pearl said...

I am truly so blessed to your lucky life I wish to make your career.