Monday, May 11, 2015

RIP, Sprinkles

Well, yesterday was eventful. 

I usually leave for work around 3:30am, and I am in a HURRY to get out of the driveway and get to the studio.

Yesterday, I had this urge to hear my "Best of Boy Bands" mix, so (and yes, I am so still a CD girl) I reached down as I was pulling out to switch CD's and heard a THUMP!

Like, what was that? was a rabbit. I started bawling, because I always try to brake for animals! (brake being the key word that I struggle with.)

I just assumed the little rabbit was wild, and rabid (to make myself feel better,) because we have TONS of rabbits here! Sadly, um, it wasn't wild.

When I got home, my neighbor popped over and asked if I had seen their daughter's pet rabbit, Sprinkles, anywhere. It had escaped while they were outside yesterday. 

I totally hit Sprinkles.
I'm totally pleading the 5th, and leaving $50 under their front mat to buy Sprinkles II.

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